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Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for the Face

picture vitamin C serum for the face
vitamin C serum for the face

Having a bright, radiant face is everyone's dream. Do you think so?

Well, one of the easiest ways to get bright clear skin is by using vitamin C serum regularly. Besides brightening, vitamin C serum has many other benefits, especially for skin health.

Cleaning your face regularly and applying moisturizer alone is insufficient to get clear, bright, and radiant facial skin.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum for the Face

To achieve skin perfection, taking the right skincare products is important. One of the best ways to get clear, bright, and radiant skin is by using a facial serum containing a high vitamin C concentration.

Vitamin C serum is a skin care product containing high vitamin C concentrations. Vitamin C serum usually has a light texture or is a bit runny. It is also quickly absorbed by the skin. 

Therefore, applying vitamin C to the skin can provide immediate benefits to your skin compared to only eating foods containing high amounts of vitamin C.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

The benefits of vitamin C serum can be seen once you use it regularly. Some of the vitamin C serum functions for skin beauty are:

1. Stimulates collagen production

Skin needs collagen to stay firm and elastic. In the body, collagen is formed from a combination of 2 amino acids, namely glycine and proline, as well as the help of vitamin C.

Vitamin C applied to the skin can stimulate collagen production so the skin remains firm and smooth. As a result, fine lines are reduced, and the skin looks youthful.

2. Brighten the skin

Several studies have shown that vitamin C can inhibit the formation of melanin. This pigment gives hair, skin, and eyes their dark color. People with dark skin color have more melanin in their skin.

Melanin functions to protect the skin from damage caused by sun exposure. However, increased melanin production in the facial skin can cause hyperpigmentation in dark spots and uneven skin tone.

A vitamin C serum can help fade dark spots on facial skin, making your face look brighter.

3. Protects skin from UV rays

Vitamin C is a type of antioxidant. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C has been shown to protect the skin and prevent it from being damaged by UV rays.

4. Moisturizing and treating dry skin

Vitamin C retains moisture, so the skin does not dry out quickly. The use of vitamin C serum is also known to be able to overcome rough and dry skin when used with skin moisturizers regularly.

5. Reduce wrinkles

Wrinkles appear when the skin layer loses a certain amount of collagen. The appearance of these wrinkles can indeed occur naturally due to age.

However, premature aging can occur if you are often exposed to the sun long-term, eat too many sweets, drink too much alcohol, eat a lot of junk food, have a smoking habit, and lack sleep.

To prevent the formation of skin wrinkles or premature aging, you can use a vitamin C serum.

With the series of benefits above, it's no wonder that vitamin C serum is touted as one of the best antiaging skin care products.

How to Use Vitamin C Serum

Vitamin C serum can be used two times a day, i.e., morning and night. The following are the steps to use a vitamin C serum so that you can get the maximum benefit:
  • Clean your face with facial cleansing soap before applying vitamin C serum.
  • Pour your toner on a cotton pad, wipe it over the face's surface, except for the eye area, and then wait for it to dry.
  • Apply a drop of vitamin C serum and spread it evenly over your face.
  • Gently pat the facial skin so that the serum can be absorbed by the skin perfectly.
  • Use a facial moisturizer and sunscreen in the morning after applying a vitamin C serum. Meanwhile, use a night cream at night.


Vitamin C serum can be used for all skin types. However, if you have sensitive skin, you should first test whether the product suits your skin.

If you find it difficult to determine the type of skincare that is suitable, or there are skin problems that still need to be resolved even though you have used vitamin C serum, then try to consult a doctor so that the proper treatment can be done.

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