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9 Acne Causes and Prevention

picture acne causes and prevention
acne causes and prevention

Do you struggle with acne that keeps coming back? If yes, you may have some bad habit that can trigger acne without realizing it.

9 Acne Causes And Prevention

Several bad habits can lead to severe breakouts even if you already use many skincare products. The acne will keep coming back and slowly destroy your skin.

To stop acne forever, you must understand the primary factor that can lead to acne. Mostly, people with oily skin are prone to acne. This is because people with oily skin tend to produce stickier sebum which can clog the pores.

For your information, sebum is natural skin oil, which is really needed by the skin. It helps to protect and moisten your skin. 

If your skin lack sebum, it will automatically tell sebaceous glands to produce more sebum. This extra sebum is the cause of oily skin.

Acne will form once hair follicles or pores are clogged with sebum, dirt, or dead skin cells, which cause your skin pores to become infected by bacteria and inflamed.

Before your acne formed, it usually started with blackheads or whiteheads. After that, small reddish bumps will develop, following large solid lumps or cystic acne, sometimes with pus-filled lumps.

Bad Habits Cause Acne

The appearance of pimples on the face can be triggered by various things, ranging from side effects of drugs and changes in hormone levels to bad habits that are often carried out.

So, what are the bad habits that can cause acne? Here are the answers:

1. Sleep with makeup

Admit it, do you often not remove your makeup before going to bed? If so, from now on, stop this habit, OK? You see, makeup products that are left overnight can clog pores and trigger acne.

Not only that but sleeping with makeup will also destroy your healthy skin cells and cause premature aging. So please do not continue this bad habit.

So, make sure you remove makeup and clean your face with the double cleansing method before bed to make your skin stay healthy and acne-free.

2. Uncontrolled stress

Do you stress a lot? So many feel everything upside down, which leads to endless stress? Please read how to be happy every day here.

Stress not only deteriorates your mental health but also your skin. Well, basically, stress does not directly cause acne. However, excessive anxiety is known to exacerbate existing acne conditions.

People who stress a lot will also produce more sebum or natural skin oil, and it can cause your skin to become oily. Oily skin will be prone to acne. 

So that this doesn't happen, try to reduce your stress by making good habits here.

3. Excessive consumption of sweet and processed foods

Do you love cake, chocolate, pizza, and chips? Unfortunately, that food can trigger and worsen your acne. Isn't that sad?

Sweet and processed food is terrible for your body. It triggers serious diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer and affects your skin condition.

Sweet and processed foods can cause inflammation in your skin and trigger sebaceous glands to produce more oil.

Therefore, too often eating sweet and processed foods, such as cake, biscuits, pizza, white bread, potato chips, and chocolate, contributes to acne breakout on the face.

In some people, consuming foods that contain dairy products and processed products will also worsen the acne appearance.

4. Too often wash your face

Have you ever heard that acne is related to hygiene? That is true. Acne can happen due to bad hygiene. However, that doesn't mean you must wash your face too often.

Washing your face too often can make your face lose the skin's natural oils and encourage your skin to produce more oil. 

The effect, acne will re-appear. So, you only need to wash your face two times a day. Then, gently wipe your face, and don't linger when cleaning it.

5. Squeeze pimples

When acne or pimple appears, it feels satisfied if you squeeze it, right? But, unfortunately, getting rid of acne by squeezing your pimple can cause new problems.

You see, when pimples are squeezed and pressed, the blockage in the skin pores goes deeper. As a result, the healing process takes longer and can leave acne scars. Read how to remove your acne scars here.

Not to mention if your hands are dirty. Instead of relieving acne, it can worsen your acne or, even worse, cause an acne infection. So, please avoid this bad habit, OK?

6. Using the wrong skincare and makeup products

Do you think your skincare is suitable for your skin type? And your makeup is designated especially for acne-prone skin? If not, you need to evaluate again the skincare and cosmetics you use.

Using the wrong skincare can worsen your acne. For example, you use skincare that is hypes now and wondering if using the same thing will improve your skin condition. However, you forget that viral product is promoted for dry skin while you have acne-prone skin.

That product will make your skin get worse. And for makeup, you choose makeup without researching whether it is suitable for acne-prone skin. If the makeup formula is too heavy, it will clog your pores and causes blackhead and acne.

Another thing is that if your skincare or makeup contains oil, this could cause your acne to keep coming back without you realizing the cause. To fix these skin issues, replace skincare according to your skin type and makeup products labeled "non-comedogenic."

7. Using dirty makeup tools

Another hidden cause of acne is using dirty makeup tools. Makeup tools can be a perfect place for germs and bacteria to grow. Besides that, many dirt can be trapped there.

Therefore, acne will freely multiply on your skin if you use dirty makeup tools. Therefore, please always clean your makeup equipment regularly to avoid acne from dirty makeup tools.

8. Using a dirty cell phone

Nowadays, holding a cell phone feels like an obligation, right? However, something needs to be added if you don't touch or use this electronic device in one day.

You need to know that cellphone screens can be a gathering place for dirt and bacteria. In addition, pressing the cellphone screen to the face without cleaning it first can make acne to freely grow.

So, from now on, don't be lazy about cleaning your cellphone screen. You can also use earphones when calling to avoid transferring bacteria from the cellphone screen to your face.

9. Hair products exposed to the face

It looks simple, but letting hair product droplets, be it gel, hair sprays, or hair oil, get on your face can also trigger acne. This is because the product can get into the pores and clog them.

To prevent this, please try as much as possible to limit the exposure of hair products to the facial area and restrict the use of hair products that contain too much oil.


According to the 9 acne causes and prevention above, which one do you often do? 

You should consult a dermatologist if acne doesn't go away even though you have stopped bad habits. By consult to a dermatologist, you can get treatment advice according to your skin condition.

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