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How To Reduce Appetite Naturally

picture how to reduce appetite naturally
how to reduce appetite naturally

How to reduce appetite naturally? One of the significant obstacles in trying to lose weight is the difficulty of controlling appetite.

Many people can easily create a healthy diet plan, including the total calories they should consume while on a diet, but everything can fall apart because of uncontrolled appetite.

One of the diet problems that often arises is you have tried to start your morning with a healthy breakfast and hope to last until lunch.

Unfortunately, very often at that time, extreme hunger will strike, so you are forced to consume more food and destroy your diet plan.

As a result, calorie consumption exceeds the required limit, which makes the current weight not decrease but instead increase.

Therefore, the biggest challenge for anyone trying to lose weight is not about strenuous exercise or how to adopt a healthy lifestyle, but the biggest challenge is reducing your appetite!

How To Reduce Appetite Naturally

Most people succumb to the nagging hunger pangs that often occur between meals. As a result, many people choose to overcome hunger by snacking.

Unfortunately, most of the snacks we choose are unhealthy snacks, such as foods that are too salty, sweet, or oily. 

This is because these foods are considered more satisfying to the appetite. After all, they are richer in taste. Then how to control the appetite?

There are several ways you can suppress hunger, such as taking supplements or drugs to reduce hunger or consuming foods that naturally suppress craving or appetite.

Supplements or hunger-reducing drugs, over time, can cause side effects that are, of course, quite dangerous for the health of the body. 

In addition, these supplements work by reducing appetite and blocking the absorption of nutrients the body needs. Therefore, please avoid the use of supplements or hunger-reducing drugs.

Meanwhile, consuming foods that contain natural hunger suppressants is a healthy way to help the body withstand excessive hunger because the side effects are minimal.

Therefore, what kind of natural ingredients can you use to suppress hunger? First, let's take a closer look at the following natural ingredient to help curb your craving!

Five natural ingredients that you can use to suppress appetite naturally:

1. Cinnamon

Did you know that Cinnamon is very effective in helping to suppress hunger? As you know, Cinnamon is one of the spices often used as a flavoring ingredient in dishes to enhance the taste of cakes.

But who would have thought the bark, which has an aromatic scent, is also a very effective appetite suppressant?

Cinnamon is known to help stabilize blood sugar levels and also help to improve your metabolism system and delay stomach emptying. 

Cinnamon's ability to delay stomach emptying has also been proven through research conducted in 2007. In that study, consuming 6 grams of cinnamon powder mixed into the food can help slow down the stomach-emptying process. In addition, Cinnamon affects the effect of being full longer.

For that, you can also start adding cinnamon powder to every food that you are going to eat so that you can get a more prolonged feeling of fullness.

 In addition, you can also consume Cinnamon by making it a drink, either in the form of cinnamon tea or mixing it into a smoothie.

2. Almonds

One of the foods that can suppress appetite naturally is almonds. Is it true that these nuts are effective in suppressing hunger? The answer is, Yes! 

Almonds are one type of nut that contains abundant nutrients. These nuts are rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, magnesium, and fiber.

The fiber in almonds is beneficial in creating a feeling of fullness. Consuming these nuts when hunger strikes can make the stomach full again and delay hunger.

However, although almonds can help curb appetite, you need to remember, don't consume almonds in excess. Anything in excess is certainly not good for the body.

3. Fenugreek Seeds

Have you heard of fenugreek seeds? Fenugreek seeds are seeds obtained from the Fenugreek plant, which grows a lot in the Mediterranean region.

Fenugreek itself has the Latin name Trigonella foenum-graecum. Fenugreek seeds have a yellow color and are relatively small in size.

The seeds of this herbal plant have a fairly strong taste and are often used as a natural medicine to help treat various diseases, including helping with appetite problems.

The fenugreek plant is almost similar to basil, but this plant belongs to the legume family. In India, the fenugreek plant is also often used as a cooking spice because it can add to food taste.

According to research, fenugreek seeds contain at least 45 percent of the most insoluble fiber. Therefore, consuming this one yellow seed can help slow down the absorption process of fats and carbohydrates. As a result, the stomach will feel full and not quickly hungry for longer.

How to reduce appetite naturally using fenugreek? That's pretty easy. First, soak a teaspoon of fenugreek seeds in warm water overnight. 

After soaking the fenugreek seeds overnight, you can take the water and drink it in the morning. You can also chew fenugreek seeds directly.

4. Dark Chocolate

Are you a dark chocolate fan? Wow, congrats! Dark chocolate is a healthy chocolate rich in vitamins, antioxidants and an effective hunger suppressant. Eating this chocolate will help to reduce appetite naturally!

You need to know dark chocolate with cocoa content of 70 percent or more can help to curb your appetite and make your stomach full longer. This type of chocolate contains stearic acid, helping slow the digestive process.

But remember, the dark chocolate that I mean here is dark chocolate that does not contain sugar. Dark chocolate is also known to help satisfy sweetness without consuming excessive calories.

So even though dark chocolate is suitable for weight loss, consuming this type of chocolate should be limited to at most two pieces per day. Do not eat more than that!

5. Ginger

What other foods can suppress appetite naturally? Well, you are already familiar with this one, Ginger! Yes, Ginger! 

Ginger, besides being able to help improve digestion, treat flu, warm the body, and also to add flavor to dishes, it turns out that it is also very good at helping to overcome your craving!

Ginger, a rhizome plant, has been used since ancient times to treat various ailments. Ginger contains strong antioxidants, which can help the body fight free radicals.

In addition, Ginger, which has a spicy taste and an aromatic smell, can help you lose weight because it helps improve the body's metabolism and suppresses appetite.

Related to the ability of Ginger to suppress appetite, a study conducted in 2012 found that men who consumed Ginger at breakfast would not feel hungry for approximately 3 hours after eating.

Therefore, you can reduce your appetite by adding Ginger to your favorite food or just drinking ginger tea to get fantastic health benefits.

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