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Camu-camu Health Benefits for Skin and Weight Loss

camu camu health benefits
camu camu health benefits

Camu camu Health Benefits for Skin and Weightloss

Some of us may be unfamiliar with this kind of fruit, so what exactly is Camu-Camu fruit? For your information, Camu-Camu has a botanical name - Myrciaria Dubia, genus Myrciaria, from Myrtaceae relatives and is known to grow as a bush in Peru, Brazil, Amazon forest valley, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, and some countries with a similar environment.

Camu-Camu tree is not very high, only about 3-5 meters, and very easy to grow especially in hot weather, humid tropical, and cold sub-tropical. Currently, the world of beauty began to examine the magic benefits of these small round fruits due to the effects that are claimed to be very good for our bodies.

Camu-Camu has been categorized under the Berries family and is known as Superfoods. Contain a very high amount of vitamin C as high as 30 times higher than citrus fruit, this fruit is also rich in antioxidants and they help to accelerate our skin repairs. Camu-Camu's with the raw fruit contains approximately 2,880 mg of vitamin C per 100 gm. Besides that, they are also rich in phytochemicals and "flavonoids"; gallic acid, anthocyanins, flavonols and flavanols, delphinidin 3-glucoside, ellagic and cyanidin 3-glucoside. Vitamin C will be more impressive when accompanied by phytochemicals.

The other nutrients contained in this fruit are iron, potassium, calcium, and phosphorus. And for vitamins, Camu-Camu also has Thiamin or B1, Riboflavin or B2, Niacin or B3 and Beta-carotene. For proteins, Camu-Camu is also rich in Leucine, Amino valine, and serine acids.

Camu camu health benefits

Here are 5 benefits of Camu-Camu fruit for perfect beauty

1. Brighter skin.

Camu camu is one of the fruits that contain a high amount of vitamin C. Vitamin C inside Camu Camu has proven to enhance the brightness of our skin, promote collagen production, moisture your skin and also help to lighten your hyperpigmentation.

2. Rich in Antioxidants.

Based on the study, camu camu health benefits not only to clear and brighten your skin but it also great for preventing cancer and premature aging. Due to the high antioxidant inside this fruit, it helps your body to fight the free radicals that harm your body, including premature aging.

3. Collagen source.

As we get older, the skin's ability to produce collagen will also decrease. The lack of collagen caused the skin to become sagging, getting fine lines, wrinkled and dull skin. The abundant amount of vitamin C in camu camu works to boost collagen production, which in result the skin will be plumper, healthy and radiant.

4. Fight Hyper-pigmentation.

Once again, the camu camu is one of the best sources of vitamin C. Due to this fact, camu camu is good to fight hyperpigmentation. What you need to understand is that exposure to excess sunlight will increase your chance to get dark spots on your skin. The vitamin C inside camu camu fruit work by suppressing melanin production and making skin look brighter.

5. Weight Loss

Some research shows that phytochemicals inside Camu-Camu will turn out to increase glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity, meanwhile, the endotoxin and inflammation will decrease. This process will increase body metabolism and will lead to promoting weight loss.

The extraction of Camu-Camu fruit is commonly used for skincare products. The fruit extract will provide 20 times more effective benefits to the skin compared to the form of supplements or food. Camu-Camu is usually consumed in powder form, 1 tablespoon of Camu Camu powder is mixed into a smoothie, juice, or even oatmeal. Enjoy your beautiful skin with healthy life habits.

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