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The Psycho-social Impact of Baldness

The Psycho-social Impact of Baldness

The Psycho-social Impact of Baldness

No one, if given a choice, would want to suffer from baldness or hair thinning conditions. Why? This is for the reason that the emotional, social, and psychological aspects of living with hair loss and hair thinning problems can be challenging and at the same time devastating.

For centuries, society’s attitude towards people who suffer from hair loss has been overwhelmingly negative. With that poignant truth, dealing with this condition can sometimes be very difficult and upsetting for some individuals.

This article will provide you with facts regarding the psycho-social impact of hair loss and hair thinning problems in both men and women. The purpose of this article is not to taunt or hit someone’s sensitive spot. This list is intended to provide real facts to help people understand the level at which hair loss and hair thinning problems can affect the lives of other individuals.

The end of youth and beauty.

Getting bald is often related to age problems. This statement is often strengthened by the fact that people who face hair loss, especially baldness look older than their actual age. Baldness causes a drastic change in someone's physical appearance. For some people, experiencing baldness may signal the end of their youth, vitality, and beauty.

Discontentment with his/her body image.

A study showed that most men who suffer from severe cases of hair loss were found to be dissatisfied with their physical appearance. Especially for women, baldness will drain their emotional and psychological. Women will worry about so many things, including what other people might think of them.

Lowered self-esteem and confidence.

Studies revealed that 75% of men who are victims of hair loss and hair thinning problems feel less confident. This is usually due to the preconceived notion that society prefers men with healthy hair to those who have receding hairlines. Most men generally believe that having healthy hair is an important determinant of sex appeal and charm. Hence, making them lose their confidence and self-esteem when they start losing their hair strands.

Feelings of anxiety and depression.

When hair loss and hair thinning problems reach the stage where it is noticeable, it can make the individual a victim of scorn and teasing. Most people who are subjected to jokes and skepticism can get highly distressed about it, resulting in feelings of anxiety or, worse, depression.

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