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10 Most Powerful Ways to Treat a Broken Heart You Can Try

how to treat a broken heart
how to treat a broken heart

10 Most Powerful Ways to Treat a Broken Heart You Can Try!

Heartbreak is an invisible disease that can be experienced by anyone, young or old. No one wants to feel the pain of heartbreak. Moreover, the condition of a heartbreak that is not treated can lead to various fatal problems including poor health, future destruction, and the risk of suicide. No one is ready to face a breakup, especially with a loved one. But unfortunately, separation is one thing that cannot be controlled. No matter how much the relationship wants to maintain, if your partner does not want it, separation is one of the best ways.

At the time of facing the separation, of course, feelings of uncertainty and extreme sadness can not be avoided anymore. This is what we know as a broken heart condition. Not infrequently people who experience heartbreak have experienced unhealthy relationships before. However, a deep sense of sadness was unavoidable. Feelings of hurt and as if useless will arise in the mind. This will affect the following days so that they become less enthusiastic about living life.

Feeling sad and disappointed is a very natural feeling. But for too long wallowing in the pit of sadness is one sign of unhealthy symptoms in your mental state. Accepting reality and moving on with life being more positive is very important. This is because feeling a broken heart doesn't mean your life is over. You must still realize that life must go on even without a partner who used to always be by your side. What you need to remember is that you have also been happy before getting to know your partner.

Treating disappointment and heartbreak is of course different for everyone, but there's nothing wrong with trying the 10 things below to treat your broken heart so it doesn't drag on. Come on, check out the 10 tips on how to treat the most powerful heartbreak that you can try below.

1. Stop contacting your ex

Love that has been embedded in the heart will work in the brain to be similar to a drug that has a dependency effect. When you stop taking the drug, the reaction caused by the substance in the drug is known to be similar to the reaction in the brain when experiencing a breakup. This not only makes it difficult for a person to stop depending on the drug but also takes a long process for the body to accept it again and become independent from the drug.

In general, someone who has just experienced a broken heart will hope that their ex-partner will change their mind and come back to them. At this stage, the person's mind will be filled with sweet memories that have been passed together so that without realizing it, the hope of getting back together with the former partner becomes bigger and the brain becomes increasingly difficult to accept reality. The feeling of longing eventually becomes bigger and the brain will become increasingly difficult to forget the former partner. This is a very normal phase but needs to be controlled.

When the brain feels extraordinary longing, the desire to contact the former partner will become even greater and more passionate. One thing you must do is resist the urge. Don't let these desires rule your mind. Give yourself time to heal from the wounds caused by the separation that has been passed. Don't allow yourself to become more involved with your own thoughts because if the desire to contact your ex-partner is complied with, it will only torture you more. Continuing to contact your ex-partner, it will hurt you even more if it turns out that your partner really doesn't want you anymore.

2. Coming to terms with past trauma

One of the things that can make your broken heart worse is if you have had trauma in the past, especially as a child. Trauma in childhood associated with separation will make it more difficult for a person to get up. The more a person becomes an adult and experiences a breakup that makes childhood trauma resurface, the emotions will become increasingly difficult to control. Therefore, coming to terms with childhood trauma is very necessary. Therefore, making peace with the past is very important to keep mentally healthy, and excessive heartbreak can be overcome.

3. Doing positive activities

When feeling disappointed, sad, and hurt, the ability to choose priorities as well as the ability to distract is very important. Constantly feeling sad and disappointed will be very draining and make the body tired and will be further down. Divert the sadness by doing various activities or activities that make the body more comfortable and calm. Various activities that can make you more positive and happier are doing activities you like such as going to the salon for a treatment, cooking, traveling, reading books or sports. Doing these various activities has been proven to be effective in helping to divert attention so that it can reduce excessive sadness.

4. Learn to accept reality

Even though you have done various positive activities and sometimes forget about your broken heart, what needs to be remembered and the main point is to learn to accept reality. However, the quickest way to deal with the pain of a broken heart is to accept the fact that it was the best decision for you. In general, when you can accept the reality that is definitely not in accordance with the wishes, then the brain will be able to control the feeling of excessive sadness, and finally can keep moving forward without carrying too heavy a burden. Always keep in mind that you deserve much better, and consider what happened as a stepping stone to becoming more mature. Always try to enjoy every process that exists and take lessons from every incident, and always loving yourself is very important.

5. You are not alone

A broken heart will make a person feel empty and lonely. Maybe you will think a lot that before you always did a lot of things together with your ex-partner, but now you have to do everything alone. You feel like you're being ignored. It is a very natural feeling or feeling. Don't ever think that you are the only one in this condition, suffering from disappointment and loneliness. You need to know and be aware, there are many people out there who are also being broken and are successfully fighting against heartbreak. Never feel that you are alone experiencing a broken heart. Get up immediately and love yourself, because whatever happens, you are the one who is responsible for your own happiness.

6. Support yourself

The thing that is most often experienced by everyone is, sometimes when people around you are heartbroken, then you will be able to be very rational and wise in providing advice and input. But it's a different story when you experience your own heartbreak. When you have a broken heart, all forms of logic suddenly can't work so you can't think clearly. Therefore, it is important to be able to support yourself.

The form of self-support can be in the form of giving yourself to cry and say that what has happened is the best way. Get up soon and be a new human. Give the best to yourself so that you become more enthusiastic to live a better life. Listening to a lot of podcasts or reading quotes that can lift your spirits is one of the best ways to deal with heartbreak, and it's also an effective way to keep your mind normal.

7. Diligently apply positive affirmations

Applying positive affirmations that are often found on social media or the internet can help someone get through unpleasant times, including heartbreak. Moods and emotions that are difficult to control by oneself can be muffled and controlled by restoring a sense of logic after reading many wise words about life, especially about separation. Diligently listening to positive affirmations will take you to a higher level in the emotional level, so you will feel that you are too valuable to continue to be sad. You are a strong person, who deserves better.

8. Pursue delayed dreams

Hopelessness is one of the bad effects of a broken heart. However, this condition does not mean that it will always have a negative impact on life. The condition of a broken heart if addressed positively can be your opportunity to pursue a long-delayed dream. Even though you are in a heartbroken position, one of the positive sides is that you have more free time that can be used to achieve dreams or things that you couldn't do when you were in a previous relationship. One example that you can do maybe is by traveling. Maybe when you have a partner, you eliminate the desire to travel because it is for the sake of managing your future with your partner. However, once the hope for the future with your partner is lost, then immediately realize the desire to be able to visit places that you may have been dreaming of, or you can also go back to running old hobbies that you stopped when you were with him.

9. Create new routines and memories

One of the best ways to heal a broken heart is to fill your life with new things that are fun and can create new memories. Bring back the joy of life either with or without a partner, so that life goes on and the wounds of broken hearts can be overcome. Busy yourself with new things and and don't let the departure of people who don't love you stop your steps and opportunities to be happy. Also stay away from people around you who can have a negative or toxic impact. You can start rebuilding your life with hope and enthusiasm. Fill your life with supportive people so that the heavy burden will not be felt too much.

10. Shine after breakup

Many people after experiencing a breakup their life becomes a mess. Please don't ruin your life just because of someone who doesn't value your existence. Love and love yourself. Focus on living a healthy life, exercising regularly and doing positive things that can give you positive value. Show that you are a strong figure even if you have to stand alone. After separation, make yourself shine even more so that you will never regret all the decisions you have passed.

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