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7 Tips on How to Maintain Mental Health So You Are Not Easily Getting Stressed and Depressed

7 Tips on How to Maintain Mental Health So You Are Not Easily Getting Stressed and Depressed
how to maintain mental health

7 Tips on How to Maintain Mental Health So You Are Not Easily Getting Stressed and Depressed

Health that needs to be considered is not only physical health but mental health is also very important to always be maintained. In today's modern era where social media is increasingly accessible anywhere, we find a lot of people deep in stress due to pressure from the environment or bullying experienced by many people. If the person experiencing this situation and at the same time they are in a bad mental state, it can lead to serious negative impacts, including the risk of committing suicide. If your mind is in a healthy state, you will be able to carry out various daily activities well, be able to socialize with others, and be more productive either in studying or working.

Based on the information obtained from the WHO or the World Health Organization, a person can be said to be mentally healthy if that person is able and aware of his ability to deal with any stress that is being experienced in their daily life, able to work well and being productive, and also able to contributes or participate in their surrounding environment.

But unfortunately, not everyone is able to maintain their mental health. Many factors greatly affect the level of a person's mental health. According to research, suicides caused by stress, depression, and feeling unwanted are mostly caused by unfavorable environmental conditions. Even today, mental health issues are still often ignored and many consider it a very trivial matter. Even though you may live in an environment that never pays attention to mental illness, being more aware of your mental health are a great step to keeping your mind healthy, and in this case, trying to understand yourself is the best thing you can do.

Below are 7 tips on how to maintain mental health

1. Love yourself

Maybe you ever experienced someone criticizing your appearance or any single act that you have done. Please remember, people sometimes just love to point out someone's weakness and ignored the fact that their actions actually hurt your feeling. This condition often makes you feel worthless and you start hating yourself. Please do not carry away by that situation. Instead of hating yourself, you need to start to love yourself. Mental health is dependent on how much you care for and love yourself. Always do your best for your body such as eating healthy foods, doing exercise regularly, massage, doing meditation, and many others to pamper your body. Don't let others destroy your mental health. In addition, avoid any bad habits that potentially have the tendency to destroy your mental health such as drinking alcoholic drinks, using illegal drugs, and smoking.

2. Acknowledge the negative emotions

Humans were created with the ability to feel various emotions. Therefore, when you are experiencing something that is not as expected, it is normal to feel angry, disappointed, or sad. This is a normal emotion felt by anyone. To be able to go through this phase, you need to acknowledge the situation and how your emotion react. Once you acknowledge this kind of feeling, you will be able to control and relieve these feelings by doing positive activities such as doing meditation, listening to music, or doing other activities that you like. By doing these positive activities, you will slowly overcome the various kinds of negative feelings and help your mind not to be dragged into any negative thoughts that can have a bad impact on your mental and physical health.

3. Always respect yourself

To keep your mind to stay healthy, you can start by appreciating yourself first. Never be angry with yourself, feeling weak, unworthy, and useless. All these thoughts will cause you to struggle with mental health. Accept all of the weaknesses that exist in your body and respect yourself unconditionally. Do any activities or something that you feel can increase your self-confidence. Always get used to thinking positively and seeing yourself without comparing it to others. By doing this you will be able to maintain your mental health.

4. Set clear and realistic life goals

Having big dreams is certainly a good idea so that your life has a meaningful purpose. This big dream can be started by setting clear goals and targets so that life can become clearer and more directed. One important thing that should not be missed, the dream that you want to achieve must also be realistic. Having unrealistic targets will create an unhealthy mental condition that will have a bad impact on the future. You can start achieving your goals by writing down the direction and purpose of your life either through a diary or just making scribbles and posting them on the wall. It will work as a reminder of what is your life purpose goals and purposes. Don't forget to always prepare some backup plans if the road you take turns out to be not as expected, so you can accept reality with grace. Being realistic, clear, and directed are very helpful in order to maintaining mental health. In addition, it also helps you to face various challenges that may come your way.

5. Manage your stress level

It is undeniable, that stress is a part of our daily life. Stress is an impossible act that is almost impossible to avoid. However, everybody can learn how to manage their stress well. The easiest way for you to manage your stress level is simply listening to music, walking around, doing your hobbies, exercising, or traveling around. By doing activities that can relax your body, it will help your mind to get calmer. And as the result, you will see life become more positive and your stress level can be gradually reduced.

6. Help others

Often doing positive activities such as helping other people is not only beneficial for the people you help but also has a positive impact on yourself. One of the common things to do such as doing charity work, helping someone to do activities that other people need can naturally make your soul feel better and more useful in life. In addition, helping others can also improve your self-confidence, grow your empathy and become happier. All these things are ultimately very helpful in maintaining mental health.

7. Maintain good relationships with others

Having a good social relationship with the surrounding environment has proven to be very effective in helping to deal with stress and also in helping to maintain physical and mental health. This is one of the important reasons why someone really needs to take the time to do socialization activities with the closest people, especially family and friends who can support each other. In addition, trying to participate in various new activities that you are interested in will help you to have the opportunity to meet new people, and it will naturally grow your point of view on this beautiful life.

Those are the 7 tips on how to maintain mental health so you won't easily get stressed and depressed. You can start to apply the above tips to your daily life. However, if you encounter any difficulty applying the above tips or you have experienced various symptoms of mental disorders and you are aware that you have difficulty dealing with them, please don't be scared or shy to consult with a psychologist or psychiatrist in your area.

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