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20 Health Benefits of Cloves and 7 Side Effects of Cloves

health benefits of cloves and its side effects
health benefits of cloves and its side effects

Cloves are spices known as the flavor enhancer in food, room freshener, and natural medicine. For natural medicine, it refers to the traditional medicines that often use cloves as antibacterial due to the potent compound that can kill germs and bacteria. Cloves are also producing essential oil that is very beneficial for raw use in the pharmaceutical industry and food industry. Many people also use cloves for cigarettes.

The History of Cloves

Cloves are the flower buds of the clove tree, have a strong taste and smell, also called Syzgium Aromaticum. This plant is still in the family of Myrtaceae. A clove plant is an industrial plant or plantation. The real origin of clove is still not clear, but based on research, many people believed that clove originated from Maluku or Moluccas Islands, Indonesia. But others also speculated that cloves could be from the Philippines. But the recent research found out that the oldest cloves tree in the world are found in the Maluku Islands, and until now, these Maluku Islands have been the biggest cloves producer in the world.

The spread of cloves plants all over the world start in 1769. In that year, cloves start to grow outside the Maluku Islands. At first, a captain from France smuggled the cloves seed to Romania, and after that, the growth of cloves tree start to spread from Zanzibar to Madagascar. After that, cloves plants start growing throughout all over the world.

The Nutrients of Cloves

The use of cloves as traditional medicine has existed since ancient times. Even Ayurvedic medicine or Ayurveda, a healing practice using natural remedies from India, also uses cloves to cure so many types of diseases. The cloves oil is often used as a topical medicine to cure toothache, and some also use it as aromatherapy due to the therapeutic effects produced by cloves.

Cloves are very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. One teaspoon of cloves (approximately 2 grams) contains at least vitamin C 3%, vitamin K 4%, manganese 30%, 1 gram carbohydrate, 1 gram fiber, and 21 calories. Besides that, cloves are also rich in zinc, potassium, sodium, folate, and vitamin E. Due to its rich active compounds, no wonder cloves are really beneficial for body health.

Benefits of Drinking Cloves Water

Many people try to reap the benefits of cloves by drinking cloves' boiled water. Cloves' boiled water is full of nutrients, especially eugenol and it's easy to go through the body. Drinking cloves' boiled water regularly will help you to relax, strengthen your bones, improve your immune system, increase your fertility, prevent cancer, and so on. Drinking a sip of cloves' tea also helps to sharpen your memory, stay focused and lessen your stress. 

Benefits of Eating Cloves at Night

Eating cloves at night will help you to relieve stress, improve your sleep quality, get rid of constipation, acidity, and diarrhea. Coves will naturally help you to improve your digestive system. And another good night to consume cloves at night, it helps you to get rid of acne and improve your gut system. One of the major factors that cause acne is your gut problems. This clove will help you to protect and improve your gut system, and get rid of your acne from inside. Eat 2 cloves per day to get the maximum benefits of these spices.

Here are 20 health benefits of cloves for your health

1. Cloves for toothache

Cloves are famous for their ability to cure toothache. The clove oil contains eugenol, an active compound that has the ability to reduce the pain in gums and teeth. Many studies revealed that eugenol is very effective in treating any infection, inflammation, and relieving pain. Not only a pain killer, but cloves also naturally have antifungal and antibacterial effects. The antibacterial properties of the cloves help to curb the growth of bacteria that can cause gum disease and tooth decay. Even so many people believe in the ability of cloves to cure toothache, but further research is still needed.

2. Cloves inhibits bacterial growth

According to a study, cloves have natural antibacterial effects. These antibacterial effects have been shown to be effective inhibits bacterial growth. The study shows that cloves oil is effective in killing E.coli bacteria, the culprit of diarrhea. Not only that, but cloves are also great to help maintain oral health, killing germs that cause skin problems and treating open sores.

3. Cloves for mouth odor

Based on the Journal of the Indian Society of Periodontology, the mixture of cloves with basil and tea tree oil is very effective in treating mouth odor. It shows has the same effects compared to the commercial mouthwash. Natural mouthwash that contains clove, tea tree oil, and basil are powerful in treating gingivitis and plaque. Cloves help to lessen oral infections. The researchers also additionally determined that natural mouthwash containing cloves have better works to decrease the variety of dangerous microorganisms compared to commercial mouthwashes. If you are fasting, you can get rid of the bad mouth odor using cloves remedies.

4. Cloves improve heart health

Based on some research, the eugenol compound in cloves is good to improve heart health. This is because eugenol as an antioxidant helps to fight free radicals that can cause damage to heart cells, which can lead to disease. Eugenol helps to reduce inflammation and at the same time also helps to improve heart functions.

5. Cloves for gastric ulcers

The increases in stomach acid or the thinning of gastric mucus will develop gastric ulcers. This condition often happens due to many factors, such as the habits of eating spicy foods, eating too much junk food or fried foods, drinking too much alcohol, coffee, bad sleeping habits, and so on. When you experience this condition, consuming cloves will help to treat gastric or stomach ulcers. Based on the study, cloves oil will increase the production of gastric mucus, which this mucus will help to protect your gastric. Gastric mucus acts as the barrier towards stomach acid and prevents the injury that occurs due to gastric acid fluids.

6. Cloves boost the immune system

Another good benefit of cloves is they help to boost the immune system. This is all thanks to the high antioxidant and nutrients inside the clove, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, zinc, manganese, potassium, and many others. The high amount of antioxidants inside the cloves will help to fight free radicals and prevent the formation of oxidative stress that can cause serious disease. Once you have a strong immune system, your vital organs will work better and you will have a fit body performance.

7. Cloves for treating measles or rubeola

Measles or rubeola is an infection disease that easily spread over the air, and it has symptoms such as runny nose, cough, fever, skin rashes, inflamed eyes, and sore throat. The symptom usually will appear around 10 to 14 days. This disease often occurs in small children. Many people use cloves to treat this measles or rubeola. It is all due to the antiviral and antibacterial compound from cloves, which makes it effective to fight the viruses that cause this disease. Drinking cloves' water regularly will help to get rid of this disease naturally.

8. Cloves for stress relieve

Cloves have been known for their strong taste and smell. But who knows, the strong smell actually has therapeutic effects. It helps to calm the nerve, lower the anxiety, and soothes the stress in your body. It's all due to the eugenol compound that helps to improve your blood vessel flow and eugenol also give the distinctive aroma that has relaxation effects. Cloves induce the hormones that work to regulate stress and help to improve your mood. Drinking cloves infused tea will beat your stress away.

9. Cloves stop cancer

Cloves can prevent and stop cancer. Cloves are very rich in antioxidants also work as an anti-inflammatory. Due to this fact, cloves have the capability to induce apoptosis and work in various types of cancer. Therefore, cloves are hailed to be the future option to treat cancer. Another great fact of cloves is also the source of betulinic acid, a natural product that works as an anti-inflammatory, antimalarial and antiretroviral properties and also a source of other triterpenes, which these compound naturally act as chemopreventive agents that again the development of breast cancer.

10. Clove improve liver health

According to the studies, the active compounds in cloves have the ability to enhance liver health. The eugenol compound help to repair the fatty liver by decreasing the free radical that causes oxidative stress and also lessens the infection.  Eugenol was also effective in reducing inflammation and improving overall liver health.

11. Cloves good for Bones

Cloves are an abundant source of manganese, which is important to strengthen the bones. The contain of manganese in cloves can supply the daily needed to build strong bones. Cloves also help to improve bones density, which is good to prevent osteoporosis. Including cloves in your daily diet will protect your bones health naturally.

12. Cloves good for hair growth

Not only maintain your body health but cloves are also great for your hair growth. Using clove oil as a part of hair treatment will help to improve blood circulation, prevent dandruff and stimulate your hair to grow. Clove oil also acts as a natural conditioner, helping to repair dry and damaged hair. The antibacterial in cloves will help to prevent any bacteria that can cause scalp skin problems such as the itchy scalp and dandruff. Clove oil also helps to moisture your hair strand, so you can prevent split ends. 

13. Cloves good for fertility

Another hidden benefit of cloves are cloves good for fertility. It is because cloves contain eugenol that works to increase the libido, and especially for women, it helps to increase the secretion of LH hormones, which this hormone works to stimulate the ovaries. In the end, the ovaries will release the eggs during ovulation times. Besides boosting ovulation, cloves also help to regulate menstruation and reduce menstrual cramps. For men, taking cloves regularly will boost sperm production, prevent early ejaculation, and improve motility. Many people also believed that consuming cloves of water will also increase the possibility to conceive twins, due to the cloves' ability to boost multiple ovulations.

14. Cloves good for acne

If you want to get rid of your acne naturally, then you can use cloves. Cloves contain antibacterial that is very effective in killing bacteria that can cause acne. Cloves also help to moisturize your skin and prevent any infection caused by acne bacteria. Cloves also contain anti-inflammatory properties, which are good to reduce inflamed skin due to acne. Applying skincare that contains cloves is also very effective in preventing and reducing acne dark spots. Cloves will help to improve the skin appearance and stimulate the growth of healthier new skin cells.

15. Cloves for weight loss

Cloves are not only good to enhance the flavor of your cuisine, but it also good for weight loss. If you struggle with weight loss, then you can start using cloves as your natural diet remedy. Consuming cloves regularly will help you to improve your digestive system. Clove will stimulate the metabolism and also works as anti-lipid and anticholesterolemic properties, which is good for weight loss. Besides that, cloves are also rich in antioxidants, which is helping to prevent the stress oxidative that can lead to chronic disease, including obesity.

16. Cloves for diabetes

The next benefit of cloves is cloves good for diabetes type 2. Cloves have the ability to control the blood sugar level due to the nigericin compound found in cloves working to improve the absorption of sugar in the blood by improving insulin function. Including cloves in good balance, diet is proven to be one of the effective ways to control blood sugar levels naturally.

17. Cloves good for bronchitis

If you suffer from bronchitis and you want to cure your bronchitis naturally, then you can try natural remedies using cloves. Cloves have anti-inflammatory that helps to ease your respiratory problems and it's an effective aid against your bronchitis. Drinking cloves' water regularly will improve your respiratory performance and eliminate any virus and infection that have the potential to destroy your respiratory system.

18. Cloves good for asthma

According to a study, consuming cloves will help you to overcome asthma. At the early stage of asthma, cloves will help to improve and clear your congestion in the lungs. Cloves also help to reduce your asthma symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, chest pain, and wheezing. The anti-inflammatory properties help to ease the asthma symptoms naturally.

19. Cloves to cure fibroids

Many women suffer from these fibroids but not many are aware of the existence of these fibroids due to the undetected symptom. Fibroids are the growth of fibrous tissue around the womb, made up of muscle and very variable in size. Fibroids are also known as myomas uterine. Effective ways to cure fibroids naturally are using cloves. Cloves help to get rid of fibroids' pain, relieve the symptom of uterine fibroids and excessive bleeding that happen due to the existence of fibroids. Cloves also make your fibroids go naturally and increase your chance to get pregnant as soon as possible.

20. Cloves good for bloating

Unbeneficial organisms in the gut that also known as pathogenic or bad bacteria, can cause your stomach to bloat. This bad bacteria will produce more gas instead of the beneficial sort which in the end it will increase the symptom of bloating. To reduce this bloating stomach, you can take antimicrobial medicines that work to reduce your bloating stomach. If you want to reduce your bloating symptom naturally, you can take natural ingredients that have antimicrobial effects such as cloves. Cloves will naturally help you to balance the good bacteria and bad bacteria, and control the gas that causes a bloated stomach.

7 Side Effects of Cloves

1. Cloves can cause allergies

One of the side effects of cloves is that they can cause allergies because the eugenol compound contained in them can trigger an allergic reaction. Allergic reactions can occur such as itching, hives, redness, rash, swelling of the throat, eyes, lips, and others. This allergic reaction can get worse and trigger anaphylaxis which can end in death.

2. Cloves triggers seizures

Cloves are good for your health, but including excessive cloves in your daily diet will increase the risk of getting seizures. The active compound in cloves will cause irregular electrical activity inside your brain cells, and it makes your brain prone to get seizures.

3. Cloves can cause loss of taste

Cloves are used as spices to increase the taste and enhance the flavor, but who knows that too many cloves can cause you to lose the sense of taste. Eugenol compound in moderate amounts will be beneficial for you, but too much will turn into numbing agents. The extract of cloves will cause the loss sensation of tasting if you apply repeatedly to your skin.

4. Cloves triggers mouth sensitivity

Cloves are good to maintain oral health, but excessive usage of cloves can trigger mouth sensitivity. Consuming too many cloves will inflame the mucous membrane located inside the wall of your mouth. According to a study, using excessive cloves will destroy oral health instead of improving the healthiness of your mouth. Excessive cloves usage will cause major damage to the tooth tissue, teeth, gums, dental pulp, and cavities.

5. Cloves oil triggers skin sensitivity

Cloves oil are great to treat skin problems such as insect bites, treating wounds, and others. But the pure cloves essential will trigger skin sensitivity. Applying pure clove essential oil directly to the skin will cause burns, irritation, rashes, dermatitis contact and for the worse, it can damage your healthy skin cells.

6. Cloves can cause toxicity

Consuming cloves in large amounts can cause toxicity. Consuming raw cloves extract in large dosage will cause shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, fluid imbalance, sore throat, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and increasing your heart rate.

7. Cloves increase the risk of bleeding

Cloves are good to treat high blood pressure, but consuming cloves in excessive amounts will likely give you more side effects such as increasing the risk of bleeding. Cloves contain a high amount of eugenol, which is an active compound that also works as a blood-thinning agent, which helps to slow the blood clotting process. If you have an excessive amount of this compound in your body, it will disturb the blood clotting process and cause abnormalities of bleeding. Especially for those people who suffer from bleeding disorders such as hemophilia, consuming too many cloves should be avoided. People who take anticoagulant medicine should avoid these spices as well.

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