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Home Remedies with Honey for Face and The Side Effects

home remedies with honey for face
home remedies with honey

Home Remedies with Honey for Face and The Side Effects

Honey is a famous ingredient that is believed to have abundant health benefits. Honey has a sweet taste, is a natural substance produced by bees with a special compound that only can be produced by bees. Honey contains a lot of vitamins and minerals that your body needed. Many people love to use honey as a part of their tea sweetener or as a cake topping. Not only that, but many people also use honey as a natural remedy to improve body health.

Home remedies with honey for face

Not only good for health, but honey is also beneficial for face beauty. Based on research, honey can help to improve skin appearance, therefore, many skincare products use honey as one of the basic ingredients. If used regularly, honey can give so many benefits for the skin face.

Honey face mask

Many people use honey as a face mask. For your information, a honey face mask also works as a natural exfoliator, it helps to remove dead skin cells and stimulates the growth of healthy new skin cells. It also helps to promote collagen and maintain the skin's moisturizer and elasticity. Another benefit of using a honey face mask, it helps to prevent the appearance of sign premature aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

Benefits of honey for skin face

1. Honey for dry skin face

The benefits of honey for the face are to moisturize the skin. If you have very dry skin or dry patchy skin, you can use honey to moisturize your skin. You can apply honey directly to your face, and use it as a honey face mask. Wait until dry then rinse with clean warm water, and dry your face gently. Do this treatment once a day regularly in a week to improve your skin moisturizer and create a healthy face.

2. Honey to cure acne and remove acne scars 

Acne is one of the facial skin problems that many people complain about. Not only women, but men can also have acne on the face. There are many ways that can be done to cure acne, one of which is using natural honey. Honey has anti-inflammatory properties so it can reduce inflammation caused by acne. Not only cure acne but honey can also be used to remove or disguise acne scars. To use honey to cure acne is pretty easy, you can directly apply honey to the face, then wait a few minutes then rinse with warm water. In addition, you can also mix honey with turmeric powder to get maximum and fast results. 

3. Honey for dry lips

There are times when you feel that the lips become drier than usual. This condition is caused by a lack of fluids in the body or called dehydration. Dry lips cause discomfort and are sometimes accompanied by soreness and bleeding. To overcome the problem of dry lips, you can use honey. You can simply apply honey before going to bed similar to when using a lip balm or lipstick. The next day, you can start to feel the benefits which your lips getting smoother and pinkish.

4. Honey for face glow

The benefits of honey for the next are to brighten and glow your skin's face. Having clean, bright, and glowing skin is the dream of many people, especially women. There are many beauty products that promise to brighten and glow your skin in a short time, but that's not necessarily safe. A safe way to brighten your face can be by using natural honey. You can mix honey with various other natural ingredients such as lemon and yogurt, then apply it to your face as a mask. Let stand for about 15 minutes, then rinse using warm water. For maximum results, you can do this treatment several times a week.

Applying honey on face everyday

Many people recommend using a honey face mask once a week to fight acne, remove dark spots and glow your skin. But what about using honey every day? Is it safe? The answer is, YES! It's very safe to use honey every day. Applying honey on your face every day will give you more benefits. Honey will help you to get rid of any trapped dirt, oil, comedones, and even acne faster than you ever expected. 

How long to leave honey on the face

Applying honey directly to the skin can help to exfoliate and open the clogged pores. The perfect time to leave honey on the face is about 15 - 30 minutes. This 15 - 30 minutes will give enough time to the honey to deeply penetrate into your skin and start to rejuvenate your skin cells.

Honey on face overnight

Many people often ask this question, can they leave honey on the face overnight? Well, applying honey to your face definitely gives you so many benefits, but leaving honey all over your face overnight is not advisable. But if you want to remove dark spots or acne, then you can simply dab your affected area with honey and leave it overnight. If you still want to apply honey all over your face, make sure you are ready to deal with all the messiness and stickiness of your honey.

Applying honey on face side effects

Applying honey on your face is usually pretty safe and doesn't have any side effects. But for those who have an allergy to pollen, honey can trigger an allergic reaction. Before you apply honey to your face, please make sure that you don't have any allergic to honey its components.

Those are some of the home remedies with honey for the face and the side effects. Use honey regularly but still at reasonable levels, to be able to enjoy those benefits.

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