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How Celebrities Deal with Acne

how celebrities deal with acne
how celebrities deal with acne

How Famous People and Celebrities Deal with Acne

It may be a relief to know that even celebrities and icons experience acne. It is not surprising. The skin problem is a normal condition happening when there are hormonal changes and skin contamination. Some people are delighted to know that famous people with acne are also feeling insecurity and discomfort. What a sight to see, Hollywood celebrities caught off guard with acne on their faces.

The rich and the famous are also humans. Their bodies are also undergoing the same processes as our bodies do. However, famous people with acne have more pressure to curtail and control their skin problems because they are basically always facing people. Vanity is forced on them because their looks somehow define their overall appeal and personality as celebrities. Many celebrities with acne make do with concealing acne breakouts with cosmetics. Some take time to deal with acne properly and effectively.

Here are some famous people who have been identified and caught to have suffered from common acne during their unguarded moments.

Britney Spears. She has all the elements of a controversial and sought-after celebrity. During her teenage years, it was an open secret that she also suffered from acne formation. The acne was overcome when she took the usual prescriptions and medications to treat the problem. When Britney conceived her first child, her acne reappeared. Of course, that is just normal for pregnant women, whose hormones are ever-changing during the conception period. Now that she’s back from her hiatus, her skin looks healthier, though it is not sure if there are acne spots just concealed beneath the makeup.

Cameron Diaz. She is another famous person with acne. On the red carpet, Cameron’s skin may look flawless and fair, but beneath her makeup, she has a lot to be thankful for glamorous makeup. Her makeup artists are frequently doing well in hiding her acne breakouts. The good thing about Cameron is that she is acknowledging the fact that she is also normally battling acne. This makes her further loved and admired. Even her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake is not spared from acne problems.

Brad Pitt was once and perhaps is still one of the sexiest men alive. He may appear flawless but look closer and you will notice that there are countless pocket marks on his face. Brad has dealt with the skin problem during his teenage years. The scars indicate that somehow, there were failures in his past measures to get rid of acne. Right now, Brad is one of the most sought-after and visible famous people with acne and scars. He has overcome acne, but the marks will not deny the fact that he has battled it out with the skin problem.

Who else among our famous celebrities has suffered and is still suffering from acne? The list is getting longer. In it are Hollywood idols like Leonardo DiCaprio, Catherine Zeta-Jones, John Cusack, and Jessica Simpson. If these celebrities could not prevent acne effectively, how could normal and unpopular people do? It is just normal to experience acne. Just deal with it properly and do wonders to control it.

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