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7 Foods That Trigger Weight Gain

7 Foods That Trigger Weight Gain

7 food that trigger weight gain
food that triggers weight gain

Why do I keep gaining weight?

Do you struggle with losing weight? Don't be upset. Many people are facing the same problem as you!

Sometimes, you will become unaware that the culprit behind your weight gain is your daily bad habit. Unfortunately, without your concern, these bad habits will eventually prevent your body from losing some weight!

But what are that bad habits? One bad habit that makes your body keep gaining weight is you love to eat processed foods! Yes, processed foods!

processed foods picture
processed foods picture

Why are processed foods bad for your body?

Well, processed foods are bad for you. It's obvious that processed foods are high in Fat, salt, sugar, etc. They are also high in calories which causes your body to keep gaining weight!

Not only that, but processed foods also contain many chemicals which are bad for your body. They accumulate inside your body and cause inflammation, leading to severe disease.

Processed food meaning

Processed food means food that has been through some process. During this process, the foods will lose some nutritional value and be different from their original form.

To extend their expiry date, processed food commonly has high sugar, fat, oil, and salt with additional chemicals such as preservatives, food coloring, developers, or flavor enhancers.

All those content can be detrimental to your health. Usually, processed food will be distributed as dried, frozen, or baked using cans or plastic packages.

Processed foods cause Cancer.

Citing information from Sorbonne University Paris Cite, France, the researchers found a close link between processed foods and cancer risk.

According to researchers, processed foods that trigger cancer are categorized as ultra-processed foods.

The study involved 105,000 people, the majority of whom middle age women, that continuously monitored for five years.

In this study, indications were found that the more ultra-processed processed foods consumed, the higher the cancer risk.

During the study, the researcher found that if the consumption of ultra-processed processed foods increases by 10 percent, the chance of getting cancer also increases by 12 percent.

In addition, World Health Organization also says that consuming processed meat can slightly increase cancer risk.  The study's results were then published d in the British Medical Journal.

The researchers then concluded that your body will have a higher risk of getting cancer if you increase your processed foods intake.

However, further research is needed with large-scale follow-up to reveal the link between cancer and processed food.

7 Foods That Trigger Weight Gain

The easiest way to lose weight is to understand what foods trigger weight gain! As you know, processed foods are the biggest trigger of weight gain ever!

Most processed foods look so tempting and have a very delicious taste. However, this food can trigger weight gain and harm your health.

Processed foods have become the worst enemy of dieters. But many still find it hard to avoid this type of food. That is because processed foods are everywhere, such as convenience stores or supermarkets.

Processed foods list to avoids

Usually, processed foods consist of a wide variety. People choose processed foods because they're practical with good taste.

Some processed foods are really worth for money! But you must avoid these types of food to stop gaining weight constantly. You need to know about 25 foods that burn belly fat fast and naturally.

Here is some processed foods list to avoid that trigger weight gain:

1. Potato Chips

Potato chips definitely are one of the most favorite snacks for everyone. It has a savory taste with a crunchy and crisp texture. Really addictive, right?

Unfortunately, one serving of potato chips or 18 pieces of potato chips consists of salt with a content range from 120-170 mg per serving. The total calories range from 150-200 calories.

It is almost the same with a cup of rice! But you won't feel enough with potato chips, right? Or do you need more? Then, ready for more weight gain!

2. Chicken Nuggets

Who doesn't love chicken nuggets? Even though chicken nuggets taste so good and are easy to serve, the consumption of this food needs to be limited or even avoided!

Chicken nugget is high in salt content. One serving of chicken nuggets with an equal content of 184 grams usually contains around 1410mg of salt. 

This content exceeds the daily recommended salt consumption, about 2,300mg. Isn't that crazy?

3. Sausages

Another one of the most delicious and easy-to-prepare processed foods is sausages! But one medium size sausage with a weight of around 75 grams usually contains  557mg of salt. Due to this fact, sausages go into foods that contain high fat, salt, and calories.

Generally, people will eat more than one sausage! That means your body will get extra calories. Sausages are foods that trigger weight gain without people being aware of it. Therefore, it should be avoided.

4. Cereal

Have you ever heard people say cereal is good for maintaining your body's health? Well, that's not true!

Many think their cereal is healthy food and helps them stay in shape. Therefore, no wonder many eat cereals as one of their favorite breakfast.

However, your body keeps gaining weight without realizing it, even if you eat very little! You need to know that not all cereals are healthy because many types of cereal contain a lot of sugar.

To consume cereal, you need to choose a cereal with a maximum of 5 grams sugar per 100 grams. By doing this, you will help your body to lose some weight faster.

5. Instant Noodles or Ramen

Are you an instant noodles lover? Or do you eat ramen a lot? Well, I have some bad news for you. Instant noodles or ramen are one of the foods that trigger weight gain!

The occasional consumption of instant noodles or ramen is fine. But, if you are on a diet or simply want to lose weight, you should reconsider regular consumption.

One serving of instant noodles contains about 1,500mg of salt and 14mg of fat. That is enough to trigger your weight gain.

If you crave instant noodles or ramen, try adding more protein to your noodles and add more veggies, so your noodles have a well-balanced nutrition.

6. Biscuits

Do you often enjoy your time by drinking tea accompanied by biscuits? That must be relaxing and awesome! However, these habits can cause you to gain more weight without you knowing it!

Biscuits are not as sweet as candies or other sweets, but biscuits are a snack with high-calorie content. Not only that, small pieces of biscuits are high in calories.

Per 100grams of biscuits contain around 20-36grams of sugar. This amount is close enough to fill your daily sugar intake; your body only needs at least 30 grams daily sugar for adults.

7. Canned Foods

Do you buy many types of canned foods? Well, canned foods are one of the most convenient foods you can store for a long time.

Besides that, canned foods are also best to keep as emergencies if something happens to this world. There are many types of canned food in the market, such as spam, ground beef, sardines, vegetables, sweets, and fruits.

Unfortunately, those canned foods are high in sodium, sugar, calories, and salt. Therefore, consuming those foods must be restricted to avoid health problems, including weight gain.

Processed foods Negative Effects

To lose weight faster, consuming less processed food is advisable. As mentioned above, this kind of food always contains too much salt, calories, sugar, and fat.

Foods that contain too much salt, calories, sugar, and fat are proven to trigger weight gain. In addition, this kind of food also tends to be less or low in nutrition.

Processed foods also contain certain chemicals such as preservatives, enhancers, and food coloring, which is another reason that processed food tends to be unhealthy. 

Some more, excessive consumption of processed foods will increase the risk of severe diseases ranging from cholesterol, inflammation of the intestines, autoimmune, stroke, heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes.

Always try to limit your processed foods intake to maintain your healthy body.

Selecting and limiting the consumption of processed foods

Even though fresh foods are always the best choice for healthier consumption, it doesn't mean all processed foods are bad.

You are still allowed to consume processed foods as long as the amount of sodium or salt, sugar, fat, and oil contained in them is still within the reasonable daily limit intake. 

Therefore, you must pay close attention to the packaging labels to consume healthier processed foods. Read also how to lose your weight in 3 days without exercise.

Here are the guidelines to find out the safe limit of fat, salt, or sugar content in a processed food product:

  • Total fat: per 100 grams of serving, the fat content should be less than 1750mg.
  • Saturated fat: per 100 grams of serving, saturated fat content should be less than 500mg
  • Salt: per 100 grams of serving, salt or sodium content should be less than 1500mg.
  • Sugar: per 100 grams of serving, sugar content should be less than 2250mg.

It is advisable to always combine processed foods with fresh foods to get a healthier diet. By doing this, your body will get more nutrition and vitamin the body needed.

For example, eat a bowl of wholegrain cereals mixed with fresh fruits such as blueberry and strawberry with fresh milk (can be nuts milk or dairy) without adding sugar!

You can also combine a package of plain yogurt with fresh fruits. Refrain from adding yogurt rich in flavor because it usually contains high sugar.

Another serving tip you can practice is adding a salad bowl with homemade dressings. Do not use commercial salad dressing because they contain high salt, sugar, additive, and preservative.

Besides limiting the consumption of processed foods, keeping well-balanced nutrition during your diet is important to improve your metabolism. It helps your body to lose weight faster.

Remember to drink enough water and exercise regularly, at least 30 minutes daily, to help you lose weight in no time. 

If you still struggle with your body weight, you may consult a dietitian to help you to lose weight. You can also read here the 8 reasons why you still didn't lose your weight even you doing low carbohydrate diet.

That's all about the 7 foods that trigger weight gain you need to know. Hopefully, this article can help you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to comment below.

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