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How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

images how to stop premature ejaculation
how to stop premature ejaculation

How To Stop Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is indeed an annoying thing for men. How could not intimate relationship activity that should be fun be disrupted due to this problem? 

This intimate relationship is essential for marital harmony. Well, premature ejaculation not only makes men miserable, but women are also sad.

Fortunately, there are various ways how to stop premature ejaculation. Are you curious? Let's check the below information according to experts.

1. Sports

Sports save a lot of privileges for sexual activity. One of them is blood flow to the reproductive organs. Of the many types of sports, you can try the two types of sports below.

  • Kegels

According to experts, Kegels are one of the movements that can train the pelvic muscles, which are involved in many sexual intercourse activities. 

In addition, Kegels are also considered effective in helping prevent premature ejaculation and improve erectile dysfunction problems. 

How to do Kegel exercises is simple enough. The first thing you can do is practice on a flat surface. Then, after finding the right location, start lying on your back.

Then, bend your knees, so your top legs form a 45-degree angle. After that, hold your hips and lift your upper body, then hold for five seconds as if holding urine, then release. You can do it repeatedly, but ensure you urinate before doing this exercise.

  • Weightlifting

You can increase your manhood with exercise. You can also do it by lifting weights. According to experts, lifting weights can help the body to produce the testosterone hormone.

The testosterone hormone is the primary hormone in encouraging male sexual strength. Not only that, according to several studies, this type of exercise can also increase testosterone levels.

2. Press Hold Technique

This method requires teamwork. When you have reached orgasm, ask your partner to squeeze the shaft area of Mr. P's head and Mr. P's trunk for a few seconds until the desire to ejaculate disappears.

Well, after the feeling of ejaculation has passed, then ask your partner to release the squeeze. After that, try to continue with foreplay after waiting 30 seconds. 

So, after repeating it many times, you will learn by yourself to get used to delaying ejaculation.

3. Use Condoms

Not only can you prevent the risk of infectious diseases, but condoms can also be a way to avoid premature ejaculation. How come? 

The reason is this contraceptive can reduce sensitivity so that it can delay the onset of the feeling of ejaculation. 

So that the benefits are felt even more, you can look for condoms with materials made of thick latex. It will help you to stop premature ejaculation.

4. Relaxation

When the feeling of orgasm has appeared, try to stop for a moment. Many studies say that the desire to ejaculate will also subside. 

Therefore, one way to prevent premature ejaculation is to practice relaxation. The easiest way, take a deep breath to delay ejaculation.

5. Getting Accustomed to the sensation

The stimulation produced through masturbation with the sensation of stimulation in Miss V is different. 

For men who are used to the hand job, the experience of sex can make them more easily aroused. Then, how to overcome this? Try to get used to the sensations caused when having sex. 

Then, try to make the atmosphere more comfortable. For example, chatting casually with your partner. This can put a man in a better position, relaxed and familiar during intercourse.

6. Divert Your Attention

Not only the above tips but trying to divert attention to something else also helps prevent premature ejaculation. 

For example, you can start shifting your concentration by focusing more on enjoying the sensation of your partner's skin when you touch each other.

You can also admire your partner's curves and create more intimate intimacy. That way, the desire for premature ejaculation can be delayed.

That's all the six ways how to stop premature ejaculation. If you tried everything but still struggle with premature ejaculation, please consult your doctor.

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