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Does Bread is a Drug that Causes a Repetitive Cycle of Cravings?

picture bread causes repetitive cycle of cravings
bread causes repetitive cycle of cravings

When biting into a crusty slice of pizza with bubbly, melted cheese, you will undoubtedly feel the euphoric rush of pleasure, and for sure, you will keep coming back for more.

Does Bread is a Drug that Causes a Repetitive Cycle of Cravings?

The answer is YES!! Bread is a drug that causes a repetitive cycle of cravings – for more bread!

The blood-sugar spike you get from high-carb bread elevates dopamine – the “craving neurochemical” from which the word “dope” originates. 

Due to this fact, the original food addiction, you might say, is bread.

For your information, traditional bread produces compounds called gluteomorphins. And these compounds engage opioid receptors in your brain, the same receptors triggered by drugs like heroin and morphine.

And also, very similar compounds are found in cheese called casomorphins. No wonder just thinking about these foods will make your mouth water!

Eating traditional bread can elicit a range of symptoms, like gaining unsightly fat on your belly, butt, and thighs, or it might make you feel sluggish and foggy-headed. 

While we feel euphoria and happiness, a bunch of deadly visceral fat lies around our internal organs.

Wheat – including so-called healthy whole wheat cause spikes in your blood sugar more than almost any other food.

Unfortunately, little-known is the compound that makes the Glycemic Index of wheat among the highest of all foods.

It is because 75% of the carbohydrates in wheat are in the form of amylopectin A, and will rapidly be transformed into glucose. 

And the most thing we need to understand is rapid blood sugar and insulin spikes promote a cascade of inflammation and oxidation. 

Triggering these forces repeatedly will dramatically increase your risk for heart disease, diabetes, physical aging (wrinkles), Alzheimer's, cancer, fatty liver, macular degeneration, and more!

Well-known cardiologist Dr. William Davis said that wheat is the perfect chronic poison. The average American typically consumes 55 pounds of wheat flour every year.

Due to this, refined flour has become the number-one source of calories in the American Diet! Chris Kresser, a Functional nutrition expert, describes this phenomenon as a public health catastrophe.

Following the research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, consuming only two slices of whole wheat bread really spikes your blood sugar more than eating a candy bar, six teaspoons of table sugar, or even drinking a soda!

the glycemic index of common foods
the glycemic index of common foods

The danger of bread can do to your gut.

Celiac Disease is the most serious and often causes life-threatening due to sensitivity to grains that contain gluten.

Someone who suffers from this condition cannot consume wheat without severe digestive pain.

When wheat is consumed, other illnesses, like Crohn’s and inflammatory bowel disease, result in bloating, debilitating cramping,  and other digestive distress. 

This fact leads many people to believe that everything will be fine if you can eat bread without belly problems.

But the shocking truth is that nearly 50% of newly-diagnosed celiac patients have no digestive symptoms. 

The researcher said every bite of bread causes silent damage to your gut, quietly setting you up for severe disease.

A professor of medicine and distinguished researcher, Dr. Alessio Fasano, shows that wheat is the culprit of chronic gut inflammation. Compounds within the bread directly damage every tissue in your body. 

The New England Journal of Medicine gave 55 lists of conditions caused by gluten that range from “benign” as canker sores to diseases as serious as cancer. 

A study published in Plant Physiology shows that modern wheat can produce at least 23,788 unique proteins, and any unique proteins might trigger an inflammatory response. 

Due to this fact, some people will react severely to wheat, but on the other side, they have no reaction to gluten even though the gluten is in high doses.

One of wheat's most dangerous proteins is lectins, a primary compound of plants that protect themselves from insects, bacteria, etc. 

Actually, lectins are designed to poison anything that causes harm to the plants themselves.  Most lectins will not kill you overnight, but they can make you very sick over time.

Wheat germ agglutinin or WGA causes immunotoxic (toxic to the immune system), neurotoxic (toxic to nerves and brain tissue), cytotoxic (induces programmed cell death), and Cardiotoxic (toxic to the heart and blood vessels). 

WGA also makes it difficult to burn fat and lose weight if you eat bread daily. You have probably ever heard that insulin is the fat-storage hormone.  

Insulin becomes the fat-storage hormone; if insulin and glucose levels are high, it will cause fat storage to increase, but on the other side, fat burning stops.

That’s why high-glycemic bread is the culprit in making you FAT.

fat and difficult weight loss due to leaky gut
leaky gut

Studies show that WGA or wheat germ agglutinin is a dead ringer for insulin. A report in The American Journal of Physiology proves that WGA bonds directly to insulin receptors, increasing fat storage and blocking your ability to burn stored fat.

Unfortunately, that’s not the only way this killer compound will disrupt your hormonal function. It will also block the leptin hormone.

Even though bread has many harmful effects on your body, you can always enjoy your bread, cookies, or biscuit by implementing the keto bread method.

Using the keto bread method, you can avoid further danger to your body, and at the same time, you will improve your health quality.

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