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How To Identify Toxic Friendship

picture how to identify toxic friendship
how to identify toxic friendship

Toxic Friendship

Maybe you often heard the words "toxic friendship", but you still don't know what actually toxic friendship is. Many people go through this kind of friendship, but they cannot point out that there is a problem in this situation.

If your friends often belittle your existence, blame you if something doesn't fit their benefit, don't support what you do, often gossip about someone around you, and do other bad things, then that's what we call toxic friendship.

All My Friends Are Toxic

There is a famous song by BoyWithUke called Toxic, and in that song, he describes his toxic friends that always negative and rude. The song is a picture of the life of friendship that we often encounter in our everyday life.

You can't change your friends' behavior, attitude, and morals, but you can choose who you want to be in your circle of friends. Understanding these basic rules is important.

Signs of A Toxic Friend

Having a relationship with a toxic friend can ruin your mental health in the long term. Common signs of a toxic friend are they are always jealous of your successful achievement, love to gossip about other friends, want to be the attention center, and don't want to listen to your opinion. Instead, they expect you to always listen to whatever they want to say and others.

If you have seen those signs, it's better you slowly withdraw from your toxic friends, limit your contact with them, and focus more on yourself. Building relationships with toxic friends will only hurt your mental and your feelings.

How To Identify Toxic Friendship

Toxic Friends Trait

Becoming aware of certain friendships in your life, especially toxic friendships, and how to identify those relationships is important. Toxic friendship can negatively affect your mental health, and you still have a chance to do something about it.

Here 4 of toxic friend traits to see if you can identify any of these signs in your life.

1. The drainer

In any kind of healthy relationship, it is important to be there for each other, be a good listener, and lend a helping hand when needed. However, it is not healthy if one expects to always talk about their problems.
picture funny quotes for toxic friendship in life
funny quotes for toxic friendship in life

Your friends need you to help them constantly, and when you try to share something about your own life or you need them, they are either nowhere to be seen or find a way to turn the conversation back on to them and their problems and their life. 

Now, this is a very one-sided type of relationship. Suppose you're constantly being drained of your emotional energy.

In that case, if you invest your time and effort in trying to help your friend, but they are either not acknowledging it or appreciating it, or is it just not there for you, then it's really important to express your feeling to them.

There is a chance that the person might not even realize that they're doing this and if the relationship is really important to you, then just be honest with them. And you can say that you are happy to be there for them, but you feel emotionally drained after you listen to everything, but nobody hears you.

Tell them you need some balance in your friendship and focus on other things or whatever feels right for you to say. Always remember, being honest is the key to this type of friendship.

2. Resentful

How can you identify this type of friend? well, for example, if you get a promotion at work, and you start making more money, and for some reason inside, you just don't feel like sharing this exciting news with your friend, and you may instinctively know that she's kind of resentful of your happiness and success.
picture toxic friendship
funny quotes for insecure people

And another example is if you share how happy you are in your relationship, but you feel like she tries to find some reason to say that it won't last, then it could be that she's just resentful of your happy life. And it's a really tricky spot to be in, especially if this is some of that you've known for a long time.

Friendships are when both people are each other's biggest supporters and can high-five each other's successes and wins in life. And whatever your achievement, it should not make your friend jealous.

If you find out your friend is jealous, she's likely dealing with her feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem. 

But that also doesn't mean that you need to be around all that, and many people notice this type of behavior will come up and stir your friendship.

When they all of a sudden loose weight or get a great promotion, and maybe the other person is not on that same path, and they might be presenting your new-found confidence, but at the end of the day, it is not your job to figure out why your friend is seemingly envious or jealous of you. 

You don't need to feel like you're supposed to hide your success, happiness, or joy from anyone.

3 Gossiper

This is the friend who is super nice to your face. You feel comfortable confiding in her, and then you learn from other people that they know about everything you've shared with her privately. 
picture funny quotes for toxic friendship
funny quotes

You can usually identify this type of friend because it's likely she gossips to you about other people that you both know, but it is nice to those other people when you're all together. And I always say that if they gossip to you, they probably gossip about you. And honestly, you don't need that.

There are amazing, loving, encouraging, uplifting people who would love to be your friend. Don't feel like you need to keep those gossipers people in your life just because you don't have anyone else right now. 

Set the intention of the type of people you want to be around, and then make sure you are like that because it's really important to be the type of friend you want to have.

4. The Negative

Someone who is always looking for the worst and everything. When you look for the worst, you usually find it if someone wants to complain about their way of life.

And that is completely their choice. But if you think you can hang out with this person often and not have it affect you, please think again
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funny quotes of jealousy

If you are in a room with super motivated, friendly, uplifting, encouraging people for an entire month, by the time at month was over, you would have adopted several of their positive habits and be thinking on a similar positive wavelength, and it's just human nature we become like our surroundings,

If you want real, honest advice on whether or not you should keep these toxic friendships in your life, please go and see people who uplift and encourage you. Your toxic friendships will dissolve on their own, or the person will realize what they're doing. 

They'll change of their own volition and remain in your life, but you can't change other people, so don't even try.  Keep the focus on your own life.

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