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Acne On The Chin Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

picture acne on the chin
acne on the chin

Who never has acne on their chin? Most people experience painful, big, red, inflamed bumps on their chin. This type of acne is not easy to deal with. They're easy to come back anytime they want!

The effects caused by acne may seem very trivial, but many people suffer from this problem. People who have acne on their faces tend to be less confident and feel discomfort.

Acne On The Chin Causes And How To Get Rid Of It

In some cases, acne will lead to depression. The more you feel stressed about your acne, the worse it will be. For your information, the chin is an area of the face that is prone to acne, so you won't be surprised if some acne love to appears on your chin.

And one of the major causes of chin acne is poor diet. A poor diet will cause health problems to the body, and in the worst case, it can affect your hormone to be imbalance. The imbalance of hormones will trigger hormonal acne.

However, the causes of acne on the chin may vary. Being able to recognize the causes is really important to prevent further acne problems. Please continue to read this article, and you will learn the causes of acne on the chin.

Acne On The Chin Causes

Acne is a condition of inflamed skin that occurs due to clogged pores. The skin gets inflamed due to the accumulation of oil, dead skin cells, and dirt trapped inside the pores and infected by bacteria.
Below is the acne on the chin causes,

1. Poor Facial Hygiene

Not much different from other facial areas, the pimples on the chin can be caused by poor facial skin hygiene.

If you are lazy to clean your face, your skin pores can be clogged with many things such as excess sebum, makeup residue, and dirt that clings to the face. 

Once you have clogged pores, it will trap more dead skin cells, mixed with acne bacteria and sebum, and in the end, your pimple will voluntarily pop up.

2. Poor Diet

Believe it or not, the places where your pimple often shows up can signify your health condition. Let's say you always have a pimple on your forehead; it means you were stressed. And if you want to get rid of that forehead acne, you need to sleep enough, drink plenty of water, and be relaxed.

The same thing also happened to acne, which loves to pop up on the chin area. Acne on the chin indicates hormone imbalance and poor diet. Eating too much sugar, fried food, and junk food will cause acne on the chin.

If you want to get rid of those chin acne forever, please try to avoid sugar, fried food, and junk food, and start eating more vegetables and fruits.

3. Hormonal Changes

Besides poor diet, acne on the chin is also another sign that the body has some health issues such as hormonal imbalance and PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).

Women with PCOS tend to have a constant breakout, mostly on their chin area. Hormonal imbalance mostly happens when someone starts puberty, during a period, or during pregnancy.

During those times, the level of the male hormone called androgen got higher than normal condition, and this condition caused the oil glands to produce excessive oil. Excessive oil or sebum will clog pores, and pimples will easily pop up.

4. Ingrown hairs

Another cause of chin acne is ingrown hair. The habit of shaving a beard in men will increase the risk of getting ingrown hair.

Ingrown hair is a condition that the hair grows into the skin. This condition will trigger inflammation and eventually causes lumps like acne.

How To Get Rid Acne On The Chin

After we learn about the various causes of acne on the chin, we can learn how to treat them. Here is some treatment to get rid of acne on the chin:

1. Cleanse your face

The basic step to eliminating acne on the chin is cleansing your face properly. Practicing double cleanse for PM routine is proven effective in preventing breakout. 

Before washing your face, clean your skin surface with either micellar water, cleansing oil, or cleansing balm. Micellar water, cleansing oil, and cleansing balm will help to remove all the makeup residue and dirt that may cause clogged pores. 

After that step, you continue to wash your face using mild and low ph facial wash. Practicing this step daily will also help your skin eliminate dead skin cells that can clog your pores.

2. Hydrating your skin

Once you finish cleansing your face, giving proper moisturizer to the skin is vital. This step will help your skin to stay moist.

If you let your skin dry without using moisturizer, your sebaceous glands will think that your skin needs more lubricant, and after that, sebaceous glands will produce more oil or sebum. In the end, the more you try to dry your skin, the oilier you will get. So, never skip this part!

3. Do not touch or even squeeze pimples

The pimples on the chin are indeed adorable and, of course, "squishy-able," but avoid squeezing or touching your pimples.

If you can't stop that habit, your zits tend to get infected and take longer to heal. Somemore, it will leave you a deep mark on the skin.

4. Compress your zits

Compressing red, inflamed acne with an ice cube is another way to reduce acne inflammation. Before you start rubbing your face with an ice cube, first, please clean your face. After that, you can start gently rubbing on inflamed acne.

5. Acne medicine

You can apply a cream containing salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or retinoids to deal with zits on the chin. One of the most potent retinoids to cure acne is adapalene. Differin is an adapalene gel that you can get over-the-counter.

Please remember that applying those creams will cause some mild exfoliation, and at the same time, it will dry out your skin.

Never skip your moisturizer, and it will help your skin moist. But remember, still consult with your doctor before using any cream to avoid unwanted side effects.

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