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5 Top Things That You Should Never Do on Your Face

You may be surprised that there are certain things that you might think are good for your face but actually are not.

5 Top Things That You Should Never Do on Your Face

Some people believe that doing certain things will improve their skin appearance. Unfortunately, instead of doing something good for their skin, some believe it will destroy their skin condition.

picture things that you should never do on your face
things you should never do on your face

Here are 5 top things you should never do on your face, and you will be surprised by some of the things we have on our list.

1. Soap Bar

Some people wash their faces with a soap bar daily. However, scrubbing your face with a soap bar is not recommended.

Sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly included in a soap bar, is drying to the skin. Since all enjoy lathering, the soap bar often contains this chemical which will make the soap lather quite well.

We sometimes feel cleaner after lathering more. Unfortunately, that same lathering substance can really dry your skin. So, if you want to use bar soap on your body, do so, but not on your face.

2. Excessive exfoliating

Exfoliating too frequently might make the skin red and inflamed. Exfoliating too frequently will likely to causes damage to the skin's natural barrier and produce inflammation.

As a result, the skin on your face will become red and swollen, and you will be feeling sore, painful, and burning.

Instead of doing excessive exfoliating to the skin, it would be much better if you wash your face twice a day with a gentle facial soap on the face.

3. Rubbing alcohol

Have you ever used an astringent that has alcohol content inside? Basically, in the old days, many manufacturers produce astringent with a strong alcohol content with the hope of killing bacteria that can cause acne and get rid of oily skin.

Astringent or toner with alcohol will give a cool, fresh, and squeaky clean feeling. In fact, those feeling actually is not true. It basically does the alcohol will rub off all of the oils out of your skin and destroy your skin barrier. 

Some people who have really oily skin, they will have acne issues. The oily skin is caused by excess sebum production, and people think that rubbing alcohol or astringent on their skin will help them to get rid of that oil.

Unfortunately, the alcohol will only get rid of your natural oil temporarily. After that, your skin will realize that they're missing the natural oil that works to nourish and moisturize their skin. Due to this condition, the oil glands will create even more oil in response.

Can you imagine your skin getting into this vicious cycle where if you have oily skin and you're using rubbing astringent or toners that contain alcohol, your skin actually gets oilier? Please stay away from astringents and toners that are filled with alcohol.

Therefore, please stay away from anything that contains alcohol. There is an interesting fact about skin cleansing. Many people with oily skin do really well with oil cleansing. If you want to clean your skin, you can try to use cleansing oil that is suitable for oily skin.

4. Petroleum Jelly

You may have had it applied on your face or your lips, and it was seen and has been seen for a long time as the ultimate natural moisturizer.

Well, let's take a look at what petroleum jelly is. Petroleum was discovered at the bottom of petroleum barrels, where it comes from. And this is not good for your skin.

It can clog your pores. It's very occlusive, so if you have any history of acne, then never put this petroleum jelly on your skin. Stay away from petroleum jelly.

Honestly, over the whole of your body, there are some natural ones made of beeswax that you need to go instead of petroleum

5. Body moisturizer

Another thing you need to avoid is body moisturizer. Body moisturizer is great for your body but not so great for your face because it could clog your pores, and in the end, it will cause your skin to break out.

Normally, body moisturizers can be quite cheap. For example, a big body moisturizer bottle only sells just a few dollars. Many cheap body moisturizers contain harmful ingredients that can destroy your skin barrier.

Due to this fact, it's a bad idea to use that for your face. Please invest your money and time in good facial moisturizer, which can help protect your skin and improve your appearance.

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