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How Your Diet Can Help In Acne?

picture How Your Diet Can Help In Acne?
diet can help acne

How Your Diet Can Help In Acne?

Most foods contain substances that cause acne, and it is difficult to know exactly the best diet. 

Acne diets are not discussed much, but a healthy diet can help your immune system and reduce acne. Always try to eat a good balance of nutrients and vitamins and drink plenty of water regularly.

Below are some diet tips to help to deal with your acne.

1. Drinking enough water

Water is important to help your body stay hydrated. Many studies show that people who lack drinking water tend to develop skin problems such as rashes, dark spots, and acne.

Water will not only replenish your body's liquid needs but also help to regulate your sebum production. Consumption of enough water will help your skin to maintain its moisture level.

If your skin doesn't get enough moisture, it will cause your sebaceous glands or oil gland to produce more oil or sebum to maintain its moisture. As a result, you will end up with oily skin and prone to acne.

That's because the extra sebum produced when your skin lacks water is usually thicker and stickier than normal sebum. Therefore, that sebum has a higher chance of clogging your pores and triggering acne.

2. Eat too many carbohydrates

A diet with 50-65% carbohydrates may be too high in carbohydrates. You should always combine carbohydrates with enough fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Moisturizers contain chemicals absorbed into your skin to attract water. This can lead to more water pressure in the true skin, which pinches off sebum canals, causing acne and sebum production.

Most foods contain such substances, which make the skin pinch off sebum canals. This can be done with a decrease in the production of a specific enzyme that can cause more oil production and increase the blockage of pores. 

Your acne diet should contain large amounts of fruits, vegetables, unprocessed food, and water to eliminate toxins from your body.

3. Eat more protein

Redundant protein can easily increase the level of protein in blood levels of proteins from the blood can vary widely, from 80% to 100%. 

This is because antibiotics deteriorate your defense system, which can be dangerous when they eat fresh raw egg yolks or fresh raw fish.

A higher intake of protein can help control acne. All you need to do is eliminate all foods that can cause acne.


A diet consisting mainly of fast food is reflected in your skin. You can not take any supplements while on this diet, as all the supplements contain ingredients that can cause acne as gelatin.

Before starting the sample diet, you must be off all antibiotics for two weeks. Eating always has a negative impact if of exhaustion ultimately, loss of muscle weight, and depression.

This is because cooked foods, dairy products, and wheat always contain appetite enhancers.

Although acne sufferers can try all the solutions, creams, acne, or cleaning kit under the sun to treat their zits, they are seen as an important factor in concentrating on fighting from the outside rather than fighting the battle from the inside out.

If you have problems with adequate energy intake, you should take more time to juice whole fruit (the fiber in whole fruits inhibits appetite). 

Pressed fruit juices like orange juice or the juice extractor are perfect for consuming but do not make smoothies using a mixer/blender, especially the banana mixture. 

Always combine with berries, and olive oil, which combines well with almost anything.

A protein from the blood too high can raise the level of true protein in the skin, making the skin temporarily retain more water, pinching against sebum canals.

If you want to eat fruits, salads, and sashimi at a meal, eat the fruit, salad, and, finally, the sashimi to prevent cramps.

Once your skin is completely clean, you can do your own experiments, or you can start adding to taste the food, which is the least of their diet causing acne.

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