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Best Multivitamins for Clear Skin

picture best multivitamins for clear skin
best multivitamins for clear skin

Many people crave clear skin, but it's not easy to obtain clear skin. Almost 95% of people ever experience skin problems such as acne, which greatly affects their skin appearance.

Acne is a skin problem that often occurs in people during their teens who start their puberty phase until experiencing adulthood.

Many factors can trigger acne, such as bad lifestyle habits, hormonal changes, stress, genetic or hereditary factors, and poor diet.

Poor diet is one of the culprits that cause the body to lack many important nutrients such as vitamins and minerals, which also contribute to acne development.

Best Multivitamins for Clear Skin

Vitamin A for Acne

Vitamin A is also linked to Acne treatment and prevention. Based on some research,  many acne sufferers are lacking in vitamin A.

In such research, Vitamin A intake significantly improves and treats acne in patients. Furthermore, the vitamin is also helping reduce and eliminate acne scars, especially the mild types.

Vitamin B for Acne

Many research efforts found that the vitamin can curtail the secretion of hormones that make the skin form excessive sebum or oil.

This way, acne development could be controlled and avoided. Regular intake of vitamin b5 can significantly help reduce acne.

Vitamin C for Acne

You know how important vitamin C is to the body. Unfortunately, most foods sold today do not contain much or sufficient volume of this nutrient. 

Vitamin C significantly helps the body boost its resistance. It is also known to help maintain good health and the skin's glow.

Vitamin E for Acne

The antioxidant properties of the vitamin E work as a shield and help the body attack any free radicals resulting from pollution and cell metabolism.

According to the studies, the presence of vitamin E is proven to help the human skin recover faster and rebound from acne Scars and make the appearance of acne scars disappear.

Zinc to Treat Acne

Meanwhile, studies support the notion that a lack of zinc could lead to the formation and development of acne.

Zinc is helpful in the stimulation of the body’s own 100 enzymes and in the stimulation of a stronger immune system. Natural food containing zinc includes oysters, which could be rarely taken.

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