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7 Benefits Using Facial Toner

picture 7 benefits using facial toner
7 benefits of using facial toner

During this time, toner is a skincare product that removes residual impurities from facial skin. Toner, also known as an astringent, clarifier, or water refiner, turns out not only to clean skin but also has a variety of other functions for skin health.

Cleansing facial skin with facial soap is not enough. So that all impurities and oils on the face of the skin are lifted perfectly, a series of treatments is needed, one of which is toner.

7 Benefits of Using Facial Toner

Toner is a skin care product used on the face using cotton. The texture is runny, soft, and not irritating, so it is safe to use to clean the face.

Toners have a variety of functions, depending on the content and composition. Some functions of toner for skin care beauty are:

1. Balancing skin pH

The skin pH or acidity of the skin can change due to the influence of oil production, pollution, makeup, or beauty products that contain alcohol. Certain types of toner can balance the skin's acidity at pH 5 - 5.5, according to the skin's natural pH.

2. Removing the remaining dirt

Toner helps to clean up residual dirt, oil, and makeup that doesn't lift when using cleansing milk or soap.

3. Removes oil from the skin

The type of toner classified as astringent can reduce oil or sebum on the surface of facial skin. This toner can also reduce the gloss, making face makeup more durable.

4. Moisturize the skin

To restore skin moisture, apply toner evenly after washing your face. The function of toner to moisturize the skin can be obtained from toner containing amino acids, hyaluronic acid or mineral oil.

5. Prevents dry skin

Toner can also prevent water and moisture loss on the skin's surface. Toner function is important for maintaining the health of all types of facial skin, including dehydrated facial skin.

6. Eliminating acne scars

Toners that contain glycolic acid can fade mild black spots from acne scars. But skin care products are not enough for acne scars that are deep or even hollow.

Special care is needed from a dermatologist to fade acne scars classified as severe.

7. Overcoming acne

Toner can deal with acne if its use is accompanied by products to treat acne. For example, the condition of mild acne can be relieved by using a toner containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Toners with these ingredients can cleanse and reduce pores and prevent acne and blackheads.

How to Use Toner

The range of facial treatments starts from cleansing the skin with cleansing milk or facial wash. Next, pour the toner on a cotton swab and wipe it on the face's surface. Avoid the area around the eyes when using toner, then wait for it to dry. After that, you can use a facial moisturizer and sunscreen.

Use toner, so the skin is always clean, healthy, and well hydrated. To make the optimum absorption of the serum or any other cream treatment, clean and healthy skin is needed.

In choosing a toner, avoid products that contain alcohol because it will promote dry skin. Sensitive skin is also advised to avoid toners that contain alcohol.

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