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7 Ways to Lose Weight Faster

how to lose weight faster
how to lose weight faster

7 Ways to Lose Weight Faster

Having an ideal body weight is a dream for most people. Ideal body weight not only affects your mental health but also your body health. Many people tried various methods to lose body weight, some people even dare to try extreme ways even it is really dangerous for overall body health. If you want to lose bodyweight, then doing a balanced diet and combining it with regular exercise will give you a better result. Can you lose weight only by maintaining a healthy food intake? yes, of course.. but once you lost control of your healthy diet, then your body is likely to gain more weight. Therefore, doing regular exercise is important to help maintain your ideal body weight.

The Risk of Doing an Unhealthy Diet

If you are keen to lose weight by doing an inappropriate diet, well, sadly you only destroy your body health. Doing an inappropriate diet will cause you so many problems, like anemia, liver problems, heart problem, and even cancer. In the market also widely sold illegal slimmer products either, pills, tea, or food that contains dangerous chemicals. The longer you ingest this dangerous chemical, the higher chance you will end up in hospital. An unhealthy diet will cause your body to lose skin firmness, undeveloped muscle, dull skin, and fatigue to the whole body.

If you want to lose weight fast without any dangerous side effects, then you should try the 7 ways to lose weight faster below,

1. Reduce your calorie intake

Like what it said, reduce your calorie intake! It means you do not need to eliminate all your calorie intake, instead, control your intake portion. Many people eat a lot of calories, for example, you just eat french fries, then continue to eat burgers and drink cola, you think how many calories already goes into your body? After that, you still continue to eat chips and after that take noodles. Can you imagine how many calories you get? That is too much! What you need to do is, control your food portion, so you won't store extra calories in your body. If you love to eat rice, then eat not more than 5 spoons of rice, but give your bowl extra protein like chickens, fish, eggs, or nuts. And don't forget about your vegetables and fruits!

The basic principle of losing weight is doing a well-balanced diet. Doing a well-balanced diet will allow your body to get all the nutrition needed without worrying about getting fat. Besides that, the way you cook your food will also determine the number of calories inside your food. For example, raw bananas contain 105 calories, but if you deep-fried your banana, the calories go up to 176 calories. Now, you see the differences? Therefore, your cooking method will also affect your journey to lose weight faster. It's recommended to cook your food either you boiled, steamed or baked. Please avoid any fried food at any cost.

Besides that, the daily calories needed are different for each individual. Your physical condition and your daily activity will determine how many calories you need. Therefore, consulting with your doctor is advisable.

2. Avoid high sugar intake

Once you succeed with reducing your calories intake, then it's your time to avoid sugar intake. Yup, avoid sugar intakes! Why? That is all because once your body has excess sugar, your body will store the excess in the form of fat. Sugar is a type of simple carbohydrate, that's why, if you regularly consume some foods with high sugar content, it will allow your body to get extra calories, and it will cause your body to have so many excess calories.

Reducing your sugar intake is a big step to getting your ideal body weight. Please be aware of canned drinks, which is always content with high sugar, dessert, cookies, cocktail, boba drink, and alcoholic drink. You need to remember, your body's daily sugar intake maximum is 37.5 grams for men and 25 grams for women.

3. Avoid junk food and canned food

Junk food and canned food often contain preservatives, high sugar, high salt, fat, and sometimes a hidden chemical that is dangerous for body health. Yes, junk food and canned foods are very practical and also delicious at the same time. But in the long run, it will disturb your body's metabolism. Without realizing it, you will slowly gain weight. You will only notice once you tried to wear your long-lost favorite dress, but your body cant fit perfectly like the first time you bought it.

If you want to have a healthy gut and better metabolism, avoiding these kinds of foods is essential. Change your eating habits by eating more fresh food and better you cook some simple dish by your self. Eat more vegetables and fruits as well. Remember, fruits and vegetables are the best sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals that help to improve your body's metabolism.

4. Drink more water

If you have already succeeded with cutting calorie intake, avoiding sugary foods and any kind of junk food and canned food, then it is your time to control your water intake. Many research shows that drinking more water will help your body to lose weight. Some studies also show that drinking enough water has proven to help maintain ideal body weight and help to lose weight faster.

Water contains a lot of minerals that are beneficial for body performance, such as maintaining muscle contraction, aiding digestion, and heart rate performance. Water also helps to eliminate any toxin that goes into your body. 

5. Get enough sleep

Do you know that lack of sleep will increase your chance of getting obese? According to a study, lack of sleep will increase the production of ghrelin hormones, which this hormone are responsible to stimulate the hungry feeling. Once you feel hungry, you will start to eat whatever you want. You will crave more chips, muffins, junk food, or sweet food only to satisfy your hunger. Therefore, please don't be surprised if you stay up late, you will always feel so hungry.

6. Be more active

It's no secret anymore that being active will keep your body fit. According to a study, sitting too long watching tv will disturb your metabolism system and it causes your body to get a high risk of being obese. It's because while you watching tv, you tend to be lazy on your couch but your mouth stays active in chewing anything inside your fridge. Another bad habit is sitting too long in front of your computer. It's not only bad for your eyes, but it is also bad for your body's health.

Being active means you have many physical activities that require your body to move. For example, you love to walk around, clean your house, do cycling, do gardening, jogging, mop your floor, and many else. This kind of activity will help your body stay active and it burns your fat naturally. Isn't that easy?

7. Doing exercise regularly

Doing simple exercise has been proven to be effective in maintaining heart health, lowering cholesterol levels, reducing high blood pressure, and most important is, it helps to keep your body stay fit. Doing exercise doesn't mean you need to do it every day for long hours. That is so wrong. Studies said that doing too much exercise will give you more negative effects compared to the positive effect. Too much exercise will cause your body to produce more free radicals that can be harmful to the body. Then what is the best time to do the exercise? According to a study, it would be best if you could exercise at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Do no over. It will work best for your body.

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