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3 Causes of Hair Loss After Pregnancy

causes of hair loss after pregnancy
3 causes of hair loss after pregnancy

Hair loss after pregnancy is a natural condition for someone who has given birth recently. This condition happened due to the body undergoing some hormonal changes. Based on a study from the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, the cause of hair loss after pregnancy is hormonal fluctuations, but still, some other factors also take part in the causes of hair loss. Many women who encounter this condition are extremely worried. They thought it will lead to baldness if they leave it unthreatened. Usually, the amount of hair falls really quite a lot.

3 Causes of Hair Loss After Pregnancy

The exact causes of hair loss after pregnancy may vary. Some of the causes suspected from several factors such as:

1. Hormonal Changes

Hormonal changes, usually during pregnancy, the hair will enter a resting phase. The resting phase referred to here is the resting phase of the growth period. You need to know, hair will experience a growth period for at least three full years and then go to a resting phase. And coincidentally in pregnant women, hormonal changes will occur and it affects so many factors including the process of hair growth. In this case, the hair growth will stop and rest for approximately three months after the delivery period is over. However, this time period will vary for each individual.

During the resting phase, the resting hair will be pushed out, causing hair loss. For normal people, hair will usually lose up to a maximum of one hundred strands. However, if you experience more than a hundred strands of hair loss per day, it indicates that you have serious problems with your health, therefore you should immediately consult a doctor. But this condition is different compared to pregnant women. For pregnant women, the hair loss will be very large, even more than a hundred strands. If you experience this condition now, please don't worry. Your hair is falling out at a reasonable rate due to hair being pushed out due to hormonal changes. After you go through a period of three or six months, then your hair starts the new hair growth. Once your hair starts to regrow, your hair will become much nicer, healthy, and shiny. For your additional information, the new hair growth may have the possibility to change your original hair structure, for example, your previous hair was straight before giving birth, but after you gave birth it becomes wavy, or vice versa. Please don't be panic or shock!.

2. Lack of nutrition

After delivering the baby, it's normal for some people to still gain extra weight. Some maybe try to cut off food consumption with the expectation their body weight will back to normal. On the other hand, women also need to breastfeed their babies, which it took extra nutrients from the body. If this condition happened, it can lead to a lack of nutrients. Adequate intake of foods and drinks that can support breastmilk production is needed. Even some of you didn't breastfeed your baby and you eat whatever you want, it is still possible your body will lack nutrients, due to the urgency to recover your body after postpartum. Your body needs extra good nutrients to support the recovery process. Once your food is insufficient with nutrition, then your body will take the nutrient that they stored as reserved in the body. It will cause some messed up in the body system. During this time, the lack of nutrients will affect your hair health, which can lead to hair loss. To get strong and healthy hair, your body needs to get enough nutrition. 

When experiencing hair loss after pregnancy, it's a good idea to start taking care of your nutritional intake, so your new hair becomes strong and healthy. You can consume foods that contain lots of amino acids, and perform various other traditional treatments. The easiest thing is practicing a healthy diet. A healthy diet is important to make your new hair grow strong and healthy. Consuming lots of nuts, vegetables, and various fruits is also the right step to improve the texture of your new hair. 

3. The use of chemical treatments and hairstyling

Another reason for hair loss after pregnancy is the use of chemical hair treatments that potentially cause hair loss. Avoiding hair treatments that contain various chemicals after giving birth is very important to prevent further hair loss. Another reason is the use of electronic hair stylings such as hairdryers and hair straighteners. The heat generated by these two tools can destroy your hair protection, and it left your hair to become damaged, dry, and easily broken. Your hair will eventually get thinner and the root will lose its strength, in the end, it causes more hair loss. Mostly after delivering your baby, your hair is in a critical state, therefore, avoiding any type of hair styling tools will help to reduce uncontrolled hair loss.

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