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Benefits of Folic Acid for the Body Health

images benefits of folic acid
benefits of folic acid

Folic Acid for the Body Health

Folic acid is a type of water-soluble B-complex vitamin. This substance has many vital roles for health, from forming red blood cells and supporting the immune system to supporting the growth and development of the fetus and children.

Pregnant women may already be familiar with folic acid, vitamin B9. Apart from supporting the formation of organ systems in the fetus, this one nutrient can also ensure that the fetus continues to grow and develop properly in the womb.

Benefits of Folic Acid for the Body Health

Not only pregnant women, but folic acid can also provide various benefits for adults and children. This nutrient can be obtained from foods containing lots of folic acids or in supplement form.

Various Functions of Folic Acid for Health

The following are some of the functions of folic acid for health when the amount is adequate:

1. Prevent congenital disabilities in the fetus

Formation of organ systems, such as the nerves and brain, as well as fetal body tissues, has occurred since the early days of pregnancy. To support this process, the fetus requires adequate nutritional intake, especially folic acid.

The intake of these nutrients plays a vital role in preventing congenital disabilities of the brain and nerves, such as spina bifida and anencephaly.

2. Helps the process of forming cells and body tissues

To build and repair body tissues, folic acid works with other nutrients, such as protein, amino acids, vitamin B12, and vitamin C.

These various nutrients are essential in forming damaged body cells and support the body's recovery process when injured or sick.

3. Treat diabetes

Did you know that the benefits of folic acid can reduce the risk of developing diabetes? Folic acid deficiency can cause diabetes and heart disease.

According to epidemiological studies, levels of the amino acid homocysteine in the blood can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. 

Well, folic acid can play an essential role in reducing levels of the amino acid homocysteine in the blood. 

Therefore, meeting the need for folic acid in the body can reduce the risk of diabetes and other cardiovascular diseases.

4. Maintain immune system

A study states that folic acid and other nutrients, such as amino acids, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, and selenium, are essential in keeping the body's immunity strong.

When the body's nutritional intake is sufficient, the production of white blood cells will run smoothly so that the body's resistance remains strong in fighting germs and viruses that cause disease.

5. Prevent red blood cell deficiency or anemia

One of the functions of folic acid is to form red blood cells. Red blood cell production will decrease and increase the risk of anemia without sufficient folic acid. 

Apart from folic acid, the body also needs iron and vitamin B12 to produce enough red blood cells. 

6. Helps treat acne

The benefits of folic acid are not only good for health but also beauty problems. Eating foods high in folic acid can help reduce acne and prevent it from recurring.

7. Strengthens egg cells

Not only fertilizing the women's reproduction, but folic acid can also help strengthen the egg attached to the uterine wall.

One of the factors causing women to have difficulty getting pregnant is the fall of the egg from the uterine wall, even before it develops.

8. Prevent miscarriage

As is well known, the benefits of folic acid can strengthen egg cells. That is why pregnant women who have sufficient folic acid content can avoid miscarriage. 

Likewise, pregnant women lacking folic acid intake are more at risk of miscarriage.

9. Improves sperm quality

As previously mentioned, folic acid is excellent for adult men to consume. This is due to the benefits of folic acid as improving the quality of sperm cells and reducing the number of abnormal sperm cells. 

For pregnancy to occur, not only do you need a lot of sperm, but also good sperm quality. 

10. Remove toxin

Folic acid has antioxidant properties that can counteract and remove excess toxins in the body. 

However, you need to pay attention to how much folic acid you consume to avoid an overdose of folic acid, which can cause lethargy, dry skin, and acne.

11. Support fetus growth

In addition, folic acid also plays a vital role in supporting fetal growth and development, increasing fetal weight, and preventing the fetus from being born prematurely. 

Therefore, pregnant women need to have a sufficient intake of folic acid and other nutrients to support the fetus's health.

Variety of Foods Rich in Folic Acid

Folic acid can be found in various types of food. Apart from enoki mushrooms, here are some choices of foods rich in folic acid that are very good for consumption:
  • Green vegetables, such as spinach, bokchoy, long beans, kale, broccoli, lettuce, and cauliflower
  • Nuts, such as almonds, peas, walnuts, pistachios, cashews
  • Fruits, such as bananas, melons, kiwis, strawberries, blueberries, and lemons
  • Other folate-fortified foods, such as bread, juices, and cereals
  • Beef liver, fish, eggs, and chicken

How to Sufficient Folic Acid Needs

Everyone's need for folic acid depends on age and gender. In addition, certain conditions, such as pregnancy, can also affect the body's level of folic acid requirements.

The following is a recommendation for daily folic acid intake based on the 2019 nutritional adequacy rate (RDA):
images daily folic acid needs
Daily folic acid needs

You can take folic acid supplements if food cannot meet folate needs. Consumption of this supplement should be done based on a doctor's recommendation so that the dosage is according to the needs and conditions of your body.

If you are still trying to decide, consult your doctor about how much folic acid you need and whether or not you need to take folic acid supplements to meet these needs.

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