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What Is Superbug And How To Prevent Superbug Infection

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what is superbug

Right now, many people are discussing the superbug phenomenon. Why are many people discussing this superbug phenomenon? 

What Is Superbug And How To Prevent Superbug Infection

The discussion flares up because the cases of superbugs are on the rise in India, and it is even said to have the potential to become a new pandemic.

What is superbug

However, what exactly is a superbug, and what are the dangers to health?

Superbug is a term for microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria, parasites, and viruses, that have become resistant or resistant to drugs.

The resistance causes the infection treatment to become less or ineffective. To date, the superbug has not been declared a pandemic.

However, the superbug has become a case that has received special attention from the world health agency (WHO).

Superbug infection can cause more severe illness, increase the cost of treatment, and even increase the risk of death.

Causes of Superbugs

How was the superbug created? According to studies, every microorganism has the potential to become a superbug.

The root of the possibility of becoming a superbug is that microorganisms will likely adapt from time to the drugs intended to eradicate them.

The potential for the formation of superbugs will also be higher if antimicrobials or antibiotics are used carelessly without following the prescription guidelines, such as the duration, the dose, and function.

All the factors mentioned above will cause the microorganisms not to die completely, and their strain will usually evolve to survive. 

However, due to this, the microorganism can become resistant to drugs and become superbugs.

Superbug Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of a superbug infection can vary widely, depending on the type of microorganism and the condition of the sufferer's immune system.

However, some common infections that often experience by people infected with superbugs may include fatigue, cough, fever, body aches, and diarrhea.

All the above symptoms can usually be relieved by using antimicrobial drugs. However, if a superbug infection causes it, these drugs are no longer effective in treating it.

So, to fix this, the doctor may send samples of body fluids or blood to a laboratory to determine which antimicrobial drugs are still effective against superbug infections.

How to Prevent Superbug Infection

While cases are indeed on the rise, there are some precautions you can take to reduce the risk of superbugs appearing and spreading. Preventive measures can include:

  • Diligently wash your hands with running water and soap. On the other hand, you can also use hand sanitizer that contains at least 70% alcohol.
  • Process and cook food ingredients properly, for example, by cooking food thoroughly, using clean water, and storing and processing cooked and raw foods separately.
  • Practice healthy and safe sex behaviors, such as using condoms and not having multiple partners.
  • Please avoid having close contact with people who get the infection.
  • Get vaccinated according to schedule.
If you are taking antibiotics, please follow your doctor or the guideline instruction. Do not stop the antibiotic in the middle of medication to avoid antibiotic resistance in the future.

Avoid repeating antibiotic prescriptions without your doctor's approval, and don't share antibiotic drugs with other people.


In addition, immediately consult a doctor if you feel the symptoms of infection as mentioned above to get the proper treatment and treatment.

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