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9 Benefits Of Guava Fruit For Body Health

picture benefits of guava fruit
benefits of guava fruit

Guava Fruit

Guava is a fruit found in many tropical and subtropical countries. Guava has a sweet, juicy, and aromatic flavor, making it very tasty. Guava has a scientific name Psidium Guajava. Please continue to read to learn more about the benefits of guava fruit for body health.

Guava is a tropical fruit from Central America, South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Due to its delicious and medical benefits, this fruit is cultivated in many tropical and subtropical countries, including southeast Asia.

Usually, people love to consume guava directly or serve it as smoothies, juice, salad, or jam. Consuming guava fruit regularly is also known to help lower cholesterol in your body. Besides the fruits, guava leaves are also often used as natural remedies to treat diabetes and digestive disorder.

Guava Nutrition

Guava is often used as jellies or jam due to the pectin, acid, and sugar contained in this fruit, and it's also packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals. Not only that but this fruit also contains abundant antioxidants and other nutrients that are really beneficial for your body's health.
picture guava nutrition fact
guava nutrition fact

In addition, guava also contains other minerals such as manganese, zinc, selenium, and calcium, as well as other vitamins such as vitamins A, E, B, and K.

Benefits of Guava Fruit For Body Health

Due to the large amount of nutritional content in this fruit, there are several health benefits of guava that you can use to improve your body's health.

1. Anti Inflammatory

Due to the high content of antioxidants, guava can prevent inflammation. Your body cells will experience inflammation if there are too many free radicals in the body.

Free radicals will cause oxidative stress and damage your healthy cell. The high amount of antioxidants in the guava protects your body from the free radicals attack that can lead to inflammation.

2. Prevent Cancer

Since guava is rich in antioxidants, it is also very beneficial to prevent cancer. The high number of free radicals in the body will damage all important components of the cells, such as proteins, cell membranes, and DNA.

The damage in the major important component of cells, especially DNA damage, will take part in developing serious health conditions, including cancer.

In addition, based on some research, guava leaves have also proven to be effective in preventing the development of cancer cells, and in some cases, they even help to stop the growth of these dangerous cells.

3. Prevent Dengue Fever

Dengue fever is caused by the dengue virus carried by infected Aedes Mosquitos and spreads to the human body from their bite.

Based on some research, guava can prevent dengue fever naturally. Guava increases the platelet in the body, which often goes down during the dengue infection. Not only that, guava will help to stop the bleeding that often occurs in DHF - Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever patients.

4. Reduce Bad Cholesterol and Lower Blood Pressure

For people who suffer from high cholesterol and high blood pressure, consuming guava can be an alternative to overcome those two diseases.

Guava is rich in fiber and vitamin C, which works to lower LDL or bad cholesterol and lower blood pressure naturally. Besides that, the high amount of potassium also works to improve blood circulation and prevent the narrowing of the blood vessel.

5. Improve the digestive system

One of the popular guava benefits is to improve the digestive system. Since ancient times, many people using guava as a part of their natural remedies to cure diarrhea and, at the same time to prevent constipation.

The high amount of fiber content in guava help to smoothen the metabolism system and neutralize any harmful bacteria in the intestines.

6. Prevent Diabetes

Research shows that guava extract can control sugar levels, which benefits those who struggle with diabetes.

In addition, the researcher also shows that the guava leaf also has the same effect in reducing blood sugar levels after you take your meal.

7. Strengthen Immune System

The high level of antioxidants and vitamin C content in the guava strengthens your immune system. Some research has even proven that the vitamin C in these fruits is higher than in oranges.

Vitamin C works to boost your immune system and promotes collagen production. Consumption of vitamin C will help your body reduce infections caused by harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs.

8. Maintain Eye Health

Guava is rich vitamin A. Vitamin A is needed to support the function of the eye's cornea and conjunctival membranes.

Deficiency in vitamin A will lead to various eyes disorder such as Myopia, Hypermetropia, and other eye problems.

9. Maintain Skin Health

Another great benefit of guava fruit for body health is maintaining skin health. The high antioxidants and vitamin C content will help your skin look radiant, smooth, and healthy.

The antioxidant works by preventing premature aging due to the free radicals attack, while vitamin C promotes collagen production.

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