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5 Benefits of Rice Water for Hair Growth

picture benefits of rice water for hair growth
benefits of rice water for hair growth

Do you know that rice water is excellent for your hair health? Rice water for hair growth has been known all around Asian countries, mainly in China and Japan.

Huangluo Yao Village

In China, there is a famous tribe with a group of women with long and beautiful hair living in the village of Huangluo. 

Due to their long, healthy, thick, black, and shiny hair, they even won Guinness World Records. But, the shocking truth, even the old women who live in that village still have long and healthy black hair without a single gray hair. 

Many people are curious about their secret remedies to get that long and healthy black hair, and the revealing truth is they always rinse their hair using rice water! What?

Heian period hair

The same things also happened to Japanese women, mostly with long, healthy black hair. Back in the old era, since the Heian period, which began about 794 to 1185, Japanese women were famous for their long and healthy black hair. 

The secret that has been known is also almost the same with Chinese women from Huangluo Village. They wash their hair using rice water.

Heian period hair was so famous back then. It's not only a symbol of beauty. It's also a symbol of status. Therefore, almost all women in the Heian era had beautiful, long, shiny black hair.

5 Benefits of Rice Water for Hair Growth

We have two pieces of evidence regarding rice water's benefits for hair growth. Then what is the ingredient inside rice water that significantly benefits the hair? 

The study shows rice water is rich in antioxidants, vitamins B and E, amino acids, and minerals. Fortunately, all those things are the best ingredients to improve hair health.

Rice water is the remaining rice flour leftover mixture after the rice is soaked or cooked. In Asia, rice is a staple food; before they cook it, they wash it to get rid of any dirt. 

But who would have thought rice water had many benefits, including hair treatment? Another study also found that inositol, a carbohydrate compound found in rice, works wonders for hair repair due to its ability to deeply penetrate and repair every single strand of hair. 

Somemore some studies also found that rice water can protect the hair from future damage, reduce friction between surfaces and improve hair elasticity.

The benefit of rice water for hair growth

1. For hair conditioner

Rice water good works wonders as a hair conditioner. Due to the amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals they have, it helps to moisturize the hair.

Rice water prevents your hair from getting problems like dry, frizzy, breakage, and rough hair. Therefore, if you have dry and frizzy hair, you can try to use rice water to solve your problem.

2. Strengthen the hair

Rice water is great for strengthening hair from root to tip. It's all due to vitamins B, C, and E. This vitamin helps improve hair growth starting from the roots.

Due to this, your hair can grow healthier and stronger. It also helps you to overcome hair fall problems and baldness.

3. Rice water is excellent for hair lengthening.

Due to all the vitamins and minerals it has, rice water is an excellent treatment for hair lengthening. In addition, rice water can penetrate deeply from the root and gets deep into every hair shaft.

This fact definitely is great for supporting hair health. By using rice water at least twice a week, your hair grows a lot.

4. Rice water will repair dull and damaged hair.

Do you have dull and damaged hair? Dull and damaged hair usually shows a lack of nutrients in the hair. 

You can get rid of dull and damaged hair in the first few weeks after routine treatment using rice water treatment. After that, rice water will rejuvenate your hair by providing the nutrients it needs.

5. Rice water for shinier and stronger hair. 

As we inform you earlier, rice water contains inositol, a carbohydrate compound that can penetrate deep into the hair strand.

Inositol works to repair hair conditions. Due to this, once the hair gets enough inositol, it will naturally become shinier and stronger than ever.

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